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La niche helps develop a unique personality that will speak to your audience. Relevance, value delivery and a personalized approach have never been more important than today.

You have a story to tell, messages and values to convey? Do you need to build or reinforce a strong personality and a unique positioning that will speak more to your audience? With increased competition and the multiplication of channels in the digital age, it has never been more important for a company or a brand to position itself solidly and differently.

La niche will guide and support you in a strategic and creative reflection that will give substance to your vision. Our design team is at your disposal to deliver the right branding that will set you apart from the competition, or to think alongside you about your employer brand or even your future startup!


A unique identity to stand out from the competition

Our goal is to develop a coherent identity that is both unique and singular, but also consistent and durable. But before we can design your custom identity, we first need to know who you are. La niche meets with your company to understand your positioning, your vision and your values, in order to establish a creative brief in a collaborative manner. At the end of the mission, La niche guarantees you a logo with a message, a strong visual system, a unique identity that represents you and a practical guide to use your new charter on a daily basis in an intuitive and simple way.

Our designers will transform your needs into something beautiful, strong and impactful. You’ll never be prouder of spreading your brand identity and making your company shine with aesthetically pleasing and meaningful content that reflects your ambitions!

Tip: With a strong brand, you increase the value of your business, as well as its recognition among your consumers.

Startup branding

Bring your vision to life with an identity that inspires

Did you know taht with an increase of 25%, and by passing the symbolic mark of $120 billion raised by its startups in 2021, Europe is proving its ability to establish itself and weigh in the global landscape.

Entrepreneur at heart, you would like to launch innovative ideas that will revolutionize our daily lives? Are you looking for a partner to bring your ideas to life and position your future startup solidly? Lucky you! La niche is an agency focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. The world of startups is intimately linked to our inquisitive DNA, and we are probably the best partner to guide you to success and turn your fresh concept into a future unicorn.

In concrete terms, starting a startup means above all creating a unique identity to give yourself every chance of existing and standing out in an ultra-connected and constantly changing world. Don’t worry, our design team is here to help you! From naming to baseline, we will find the words that will give voice to your vision. And to accompany this name and slogan, we imagine and create a complete branding that will make your company shine and shine in the four corners of the planet to seduce your target or your future investors. Our collaboration will start with a series of workshops to understand your added value, and will end with the delivery of a practical guide to use your new charter on a daily basis in an intuitive and simple way. Our designers will be responsible for translating your ambition and integrating you into the creative process to ensure that the proposals meet your needs. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Employer Brand

Create a strong employer brand to strengthen your company

If Employer Branding seems to be the new trend of the moment, it is actually much more than that. It is a real methodology that sets a new course for the future and the way companies communicate. In the ever-changing world of work, employer branding is suddenly taking center stage. It has never been more important to put on a human face and create a strong employer brand that will reinforce the pride and motivation of your internal teams, and to stand out from the crowd in order to easily attract tomorrow’s talent. Why do we position ourselves as experts in this field? Because Employer Branding is first and foremost communication. And that’s what we’re all about! You have to choose your targets, your objectives and the means you have to reach them and put everything to music. To do this, we develop a tailor-made strategy to optimize employer branding within your company.

In the past, communication and human resources were two separate departments, but this is certainly changing. These two entities must work together because a good employer brand is the perfect match between the two. In this case, communication cannot be dissociated from your company’s HR policy. This is what makes it as complex as it is exciting. Employer Branding therefore brings about changes both outside and inside your company. Depending on your needs, our mission can go as far as the implementation of the strategy within your company.

Did you know that with a job vacancy rate nearly double its average over the last decade, Europe is currently experiencing a severe shortage of qualified profile?

Communication strategy

Target your communication to get relevant results

Tip: A relevant communication strategy will give you an overview of the actions to be taken and help you define your communication budget.

Does your company, brand or project require a communication strategy to achieve its objectives? We will accompany you in a collaborative reflection that will meet your needs! After a preliminary analysis of your sector, interviews and/or a workshop with your team, our strategists will transform your ideas or needs into solutions within a tailor-made strategy at your scale: channel recommendations, tone of voice, message, content strategy, KPIs, working method,… all of which will meet your objectives of awareness, engagement, conversion or retention.

We identify your DNA and integrate storytelling, personas, positioning, vision, mission and values within a tailor-made digital recommendation. Whether your need is digital or not, part of an Inbound Marketing strategy or requires Outbound, our experts keep you on the right track through an action plan that drives your strategy in a realistic way, taking into account your budget, means and deadlines, in short, your reality!

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