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Our broad expertise, (in strategy, communication, marketing, branding and development), combined with a collaborative approach, make us an ideal partner to accompany you in your daily digital challenges.

In the digital age, your challenges can be numerous. And it’s important to build a coherent digital ecosystem that will allow you to tell your story effectively. Positioning, transforming, projecting, … Trust our team of experts Business Analysts and Digital Strategists to support you. Rely on passionate Marketing Managers, Designers and Developers to perfectly execute your plan and vision.

La niche is an agency that offers tailored digital solutions, proven expertise, and full operational support. A partner who cares about your success and entrepreneurial spirit. An inspiring and innovative partner who follows you effectively on all the issues of your digitalization, by integrating you in a collaborative approach.

Digital strategy

Your digital transformation in complete security

Developing the growth of your business, your project through digital is probably an obligation in a connected world that evolves very quickly. At La niche, we believe that there is no single “recipe for growth”. As you can see, our specialty is to work on a tailor-made basis. With you, we define the ingredients necessary for your success. And as tastes, needs and context may vary over time or from one environment to another, we make sure to keep a certain level of flexibility in our approach.

Our digital experts will accompany you and advise you strategically at every stage of your project. No matter if you are just starting your business, or if you are an established company ready to evolve or take on the next challenge, our Strategists and Business Analysts are there to guide you through a collaborative approach and a global reflection that will integrate your reality, your teams, your logistics and your needs. Attentive to the details, we analyze your problems, find solutions and the appropriate digital tools. Step by step, we imagine your ideal digital architecture to help you reach your goals. Finally, we implement and test the selected solutions to ensure that your growth will be achieved.

Did you know that since the pandemic, 46% of European companies say they have taken steps to increase their digitalization by providing more services online.

Communication strategy

Target your communication to get relevant results

Tip: A relevant communication strategy will give you an overview of the actions to be taken and help you define your communication budget.

Does your company, brand or project require a communication strategy to achieve its objectives? We will accompany you in a collaborative reflection that will meet your needs! After a preliminary analysis of your sector, interviews and/or a workshop with your team, our Strategists will transform your ideas or needs into solutions within a tailor-made strategy at your scale: channel recommendations, tone of voice, message, content strategy, KPIs, working method,… all of which will meet your objectives of awareness, engagement, conversion or retention.

We identify your DNA and integrate storytelling, personas, positioning, vision, mission and values within a tailor-made digital recommendation. Whether your need is digital or not, part of an Inbound Marketing strategy or requires Outbound, our experts keep you on the right track through an action plan that drives your strategy in a realistic way, taking into account your budget, means and deadlines, in short, your reality!

Digital audit

Check and strengthen your digital ecosystem

Do you want to check the performance of your website within your digital ecosystem? And make sure that it meets your objectives? As you know, your website is your first window to demonstrate the relevance of your services or the quality of your products. You also already know that your potential prospects use search engines such as Google to find your company. To make sure that your digital investment bears fruit and actively participates in the growth of your project, La niche offers a complete digital audit, which focuses on 5 points: the analysis of traffic and results through your analytics, strategic recommendations in terms of information architecture, points of improvement for the user experience, valuable advice to improve conversions, and finally, a check of your SEO. On this crucial issue that natural referencing represents for your activity, we check the technicality as well as the content of your site, and we list a series of optimizations to boost your online presence.

This audit is led by an expert Business Analyst through a series of collaborative workshops to identify – with you – the strengths and weaknesses of your website. At the end of our mission, we deliver a practical final report that proposes concrete actions to implement to gain visibility and, above all, generate more traffic, interactions and conversions on your digital platform. With La Niche by your side, you can be sure to be on the right side of the wave!

Tip: Google’s main algorithm tends to look at the quality of a site’s content as a whole, and values sites that offer the best UX.

Startup launch

Bring your vision to life with an identity that inspires

Did you know that with an increase of 25%, and by passing the symbolic mark of $120 billion raised by its startups in 2021, Europe is proving its ability to establish itself and weigh in the global landscape.

Entrepreneur at heart, are you looking to launch innovative ideas that will revolutionize our daily lives? Are you looking for a partner to bring your ideas to life and position your future startup solidly? Lucky you! La niche is an agency focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship. The world of startups is intimately linked to our DNA, and we are probably the best partner to guide you to success and turn your fresh concept into a future unicorn.

In concrete terms, launching a startup means above all creating a unique identity to give yourself every chance of existing and standing out in an ultra-connected and constantly changing world. Don’t worry, our design team is here to help you! From naming to baseline, we will find the words that will give voice to your vision. And to accompany this name and slogan, we imagine and create a complete branding that will make your company shine and shine in the four corners of the planet to seduce your target or your future investors. Our collaboration will start with a series of workshops to understand your added value, and will end with the delivery of a practical guide to use your new charter on a daily basis in an intuitive and simple way. Our designers will be responsible for translating your ambition and integrating it into the creative process to ensure that the proposals meet your needs. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

Design Sprint

A collaborative and efficient approach to design

4 days to solve a problem, test new ideas, get a prototype verified by users: this is the Design Sprint methodology! This methodology is not used enough by companies, but it remains an efficient way to conceptualize and test a new digital project quickly without taking risks. In concrete terms, the Design Sprint is a team workshop, first for 2 days by your side, hand in hand, and then 2 days within our Design team to finalize the proposal. This approach requires a real symbiotic work and a real involvement of all the profiles of your team. That’s why being in front of all the members of your team – that is, the decision-makers but also the developers, the switchboard operators, the marketers, etc. – is essential and represents an important gain in time. This also allows us to ask our questions directly to the right person.

At La niche, 3 profiles are involved by default for this project: our Head of Design, as well as an UX/UI strategist and finally a sesigner. Following our first proposal, which already integrates your technical issues, we deliver a prototype that allows you to test the solution internally. We then integrate your feedback into the final version that will meet all your expectations. Are you curious about this new collaborative methodology? Di you think it lends itself to your project? Let’s talk about it!

Tip: If your teams want to stimulate their creativity, the design sprint is the best solution.

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