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La niche guides and assists you in the digital development of your company, project or brand, and offers innovative solutions to strengthen and animate your online presence on all your channels.

Whether it’s about boosting your social networks, generating sales with online advertising, optimizing your visibility on search engines, having a high-performance website or an engaging app, La niche offers you many possibilities to develop your business through digital.

To reach the connected user every day, it is important to build a coherent digital package that will allow you to tell a single story across all your channels, and engage your community on a daily basis with a rich experience.


The showcase of your digital ecosystem

As a showcase for your business and an application of your strategy in an ultra-connected world, the website is a key part of your ecosystem. Because social networks are only an external lever to reach your targets where they are, it is important to develop your own platform to define and control your own content strategy and a tailored user experience to strengthen your online presence. Whether it’s a classic presentation site, a portal with advanced features, dedicated applications or e-commerce platforms, we support you every step of the way in the realization of your digital project.

Depending on the objective of your website, we offer you a relevant UX reflection, adapted for mobile versions, an intuitive UI and a unique design, engaging and GDRP compliant interactions, a complete SEO optimization, standard or custom developments, and finally personalized dashboards with a thorough integration of Google Analytics to measure and analyze the results and the behavior of your visitors. If needed, we integrate external tools relevant to the development and growth of your business, such as chatbots, CRM or online payment module. Finally, we attach particular importance to quality assurance and testing of your platform on different environments.

Tip: Internet consultation is done more with mobile devices than with computers. The development of your site must integrate a mobile-first approach.

Landing page

A landing page that converts effectively

Tip: Deploying a One Pager quickly allows you to easily convert your prospects without investing in a full website.

In a digital marketing or communication campaign, the landing page is an extremely important and necessary component. Simple, clear, and reduced to the essential, it is structured to push the interested or curious visitor to make a choice on the page, a choice that will allow us to better understand his intentions, and therefore measure the impact of the campaign itself.

If you don’t have a website, or if your website is not designed for landing pages dedicated to completing a digital action, La niche offers to develop a One Pager, a unique page that will complete the experience of the prospect seduced by your ad, and that will allow you to convert him, while measuring the effectiveness of your strategy. Optimized for mobile viewing, this page integrates your branding, and benefits from an advanced UX and UI designed specifically for your purpose.

We saved the best for last: this page is developed on a very affordable budget, and your investment is smart: this One Pager can evolve very easily and be the basis of your future website!

Mobile application

Develop a powerful app that makes sense

In the digital age and permanent connectivity, mobile applications make sense in our daily lives. In an increasingly connected world, your target audience will surely discover you behind their phone screen. More powerful than a mobile website, with extended possibilities in terms of functionalities, apps remain a powerful format to create and propose an innovative service, or interactivity and engagement with your target.

Whether it’s iOS or Android, we develop solid native apps, and for each project, we scrupulously follow a rigorous methodology involving research and development, creativity, prototyping, sharp UX and UI reflections and complete testing. The user experience remains at the center of our approach, and producing an app that fits with today’s behaviors and supports your goals is a top priority for our teams.

Did you know that since the pandemic, the use of mobile apps has increased like never before: the 65+ use their phone on average 50 hours per month, the 35-44 nearly 90 hours, and finally the 18-24 more than 110 hours?

Content Marketing

Exclusive content to be seen and read

Did you know that companies that invest in Inbound Marketing and content creation to retain or convert their leads achieve 50% more sales.

Content is king! In addition to establishing your position as a reference and expert in your business, and creating engagement with your community, the creation and distribution of exclusive content can help you create quality and qualified natural traffic to your site, facilitating conversions and lead generation. Content Marketing is about creating original content that reflects your personality and is an important strategic issue to gain visibility through your digital ecosystem and spontaneously reach your target.

To help you meet this challenge, our Creative Content Strategists take the time to listen to you and understand your vision in order to write impactful content, with a tone of voice adapted to your audience. To ensure that this content gains visibility on search engines, our editorial team integrates research and reflection on the most effective keywords in your sector, including those used by the competition! And if you follow an Inbound Marketing strategy, you don’t need to be convinced of the importance of feeding your targets regularly with quality content on all your channels.

Social networks animation

Actively engage your community on all your social networks

Your social networks are a showcase… with your users at the forefront! Today, your brand’s user experience starts first and foremost on social networks. That’s why feeding them regularly is paramount in order to engage your target audience on a daily basis with your brand, product or service.

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat : the power and specificities of each of these networks is no longer to be proven. We are experts in the management and activation of social networks. Our communication team knows them inside out and will engage your community by creating meaningful connections with your users. We will create rich experiences and high quality interactions between your fans and your company, on the network of your choice: an impactful format, the ideal tone of voice, the best techniques to attract and speak specifically to your target and develop impactful and adapted messages.

We analyze your content and your communication actions in order to understand your reality in the field, we set up an editorial calendar that allows for a highly recommended planning and organization, all in permanent collaboration with your team. Because your expertise and ours is the perfect match to achieve the ideal tailor-made Social Media communication. The secret for an optimal and daily management of your social networks? 3 words: regularity, consistency, quality.

Did you know that almost 80% of the European population is on social networks. And more than 40% of users search for information about brands every day?

SEA Campaigns

Position yourself on relevant keywords to be present where your target is looking for you.

Did you know that every purchase starts with an online search? You must be present where your target is looking for you, because if it’s not you, it will be your competitor! Strengthen your presence on search engines now, and be present when people are looking for you on the web by developing a SEA campaign (for Search Engine Advertising). From researching relevant keywords for your business or industry, to analyzing competitor performance, to writing impactful ads or effective display banners, we create engaging Google Ads campaigns that will make your goals or sales take off.

Your SEA ads are monitored, analyzed, and optimized every week, within your budget and according to your audience’s behaviors, by Marketing Managers certified by Google Analytics and Google Ads. Moreover, our experts remain in regular contact with Google teams, on the one hand to improve your campaigns according to the best criteria, and on the other hand to be aware of the latest tools. Contact us now to find out how we can position you on the best performing keywords for your business!

Did you know that 65% of small and medium-sized businesses use Google Ads to reach new customers, and users who click on an ad are 50% more likely to be converted into buyers?

Online advertising campaigns

Increase your conversions with advertising on social networks

Do you want to maximize your conversions? Sell your services or products? Increase interactions with your brand? Promote your content to a specific audience? Boost your visibility to the right people? Acquire a new audience? Social Media Advertising is the right solution for you. There are a wide variety of advertising agencies to advertise online. We work with Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. We also work with other networks like Snapchat, Tik Tok or Pinterest. And if you want to push your online advertising even further wee create campaigns on Waze Ads or Spotify Ads.

La niche combines ultra-personalized creative content creation, cutting-edge advertising techniques and advanced targeting, for a perfect combo that will guarantee you the results you want at the end of your online action. We analyze your target and create qualitative and adequate audiences. We take your reality into account and advise you on the ideal media budget to invest, adapted to your needs. Our digital marketing experts masterfully manage all the digital tools such as Facebook Business Manager or Linkedin Campaign Manager to rigorously manage your campaigns, which are analyzed daily and optimized in real time according to the performance of the results.

Did you know that on average, more than 70% of Internet users targeted by Remarketing are more likely to make a purchase?

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