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Whether you want to generate sales, engage your community, or give visibility to a service, brand, or project, La niche is at your side to think, create, and manage a comprehensive communication campaign that will deliver solid results.

Do you want to launch an ambitious communication campaign that will allow you to shine with your audience? From strategic thinking to the conceptualization of a unique and original message, La niche accompanies you with a complete operational support that guarantees you a single point of contact and more efficiency! We offer strong action plans to ensure a broad presence on a range of digital and non-digital channels.

As a certified media agency, La niche also guides you in choosing and negotiating the purchase of relevant media for your campaign. Finally, our team of dedicated strategists and creatives will drive and optimize your project with constant monitoring of results.

Communication strategy

Target your communication to get relevant results

Does your company, brand or project require a communication strategy to achieve its objectives? We will accompany you in a collaborative reflection that will meet your needs! After a preliminary analysis of your sector, interviews and/or a workshop with your team, our strategists will transform your ideas or needs into solutions within a tailor-made strategy at your scale: channel recommendations, tone of voice, message, content strategy, KPIs, working method,… all of which will meet your objectives of awareness, engagement, conversion or retention.

We identify your DNA and integrate storytelling, personas, positioning, vision, mission and values within a tailor-made digital recommendation. Whether your need is digital or not, part of an Inbound Marketing strategy or requires Outbound, our experts keep you on the right track through an action plan that drives your strategy in a realistic way, taking into account your budget, means and deadlines, in short, your reality!

Tip: A relevant communication strategy will give you an overview of the actions to be taken and help you define your communication budget.

Creative concept

A message that gives you voice

Did you know that a good message can be emotional or rational, depending on the objective of your campaign?

An ambitious communication campaign is the right pretext to speak differently within your communication habits, and go beyond your daily marketing actions. To translate your vision and meet your objectives, it is important to speak to your target through a strong and relevant concept that will give visibility and voice to your campaign.

The niche and its creative teams are here to help you create the right message and creative concept, thanks to a dynamic and proven pairing: the Copywriter and the Creative Director. Together, they create a unique message and an impactful key visual for your campaign, a realistic concept that takes into account all channels and the many digital and non-digital variations of your action plan. This working method includes several constructive rounds, which involve you in the creative process.

Negotiations with advertising agencies and media buying

From television to video games, from bus shelters to digital, give your campaign a presence

Creating a unique campaign with a strong and impactful message is not enough to ensure an optimal presence with your audience. Choosing the right channels and media partners is an essential component of your success. With La niche, you benefit from an agency that not only supports you in the strategy and concept of your campaign, but also in the negotiations with all the digital and non-digital advertising agencies in the country. This guarantees flexibility, reactivity and efficiency for your action, and above all, … visibility!

You want to be present in the city, in train stations, on buses or posted on the street? In the heart of homes, on television, in newspapers, or in mailboxes? Rather reach connected users through social networks or video games? Or displaying in a big way at the cinema? We are here to guide you! La niche is a certified media buying company that helps you choose and negotiate the most relevant spaces for your campaign. Whether it’s digital media such as Meta, Google, Tik Tok or Spotify, or traditional media such as RMB, IP or Brightfish, we are at your side every step of the way to make your campaign a complete success!

Did you know that La niche is one of the few digital agencies to be CER certified? This means you benefit from a series of advantages in media negotiations, such as privileged locations or more competitive prices.

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