A reliable, professional agency, startups and studio, to help you achieve your digital ambitions.

Our way of working

Our main goal is to work hand in hand with you

In a collaborative and agile environment. First by taking the time to discuss your needs. Then by exploring together the best ways to implement solutions that best fit your goals. Finally, after careful review of the results, by discussing the necessary adjustments, and adapting your project accordingly.
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Our team

Everyone has a more or less relevant dog name.

From project management to digital strategies, from interface design to user experience, from application development to maintenance, from SEO to online marketing, from data intelligence to reporting, our team of experts are at the forefront of all the areas of the digital world. Our involvement and our passion have led us to collaborate with many high-ranking clients and help them design quality digital projects that make sense.

Fiona Crott

Fiona aka Cocker

Business Strategist
Nathan Foerster

Nathan aka Cerbere

Product developer
Romain Dubay

Romain aka Smoky

Front-end Developer
Mathieu Bazelaire

Mathieu aka Caniche

Coralie Gendarme

Coralie aka Tinto

Account Manager
Inès Pirard

Inès aka Scottish

Project Manager
Maeva Berthelot

Maeva aka Lhassa

UX Strategist
Yannick Rekinger

Yannick aka Corso

Back-end developer
Camille ?

Camille aka Sheltie

Front-end developer
Antoine Bogart

Antoine aka Roquet

Thomas ?

Thomas aka Hovawart

Product designer
Adrien Noterdaem

Adrien aka Poochie

Creative Director
Thierry lagasse

Thierry aka Epagneul

Back-end developer
Xavier Thiran

Xavier aka Zinneke

Head of Client Success
Olivier Degreef

Olivier aka Terranova

Head of Technology
Antoine Delpire-Crets

Antoine aka Calupo

Digital Strategist
Jennifer Denis

Jennifer aka Shepherd

Back-end developer
Gilles Bazelaire

Gilles aka Bichon

Charlotte ?

Charlotte aka Labrador

Project Manager
Maia Rodrigues

Maia aka Parson

Kristina Lecloux

Kristina aka Miki

Content Manager
Julien Roland

Julien aka Jagd

Back-end Developer
Sandra Cabrera de Diego

Sandra aka Snowy

Project Manager
Christophe Pecceu

Christophe aka Rover

Back-end developer
Jonas Thiry

Jonas aka Leonberg

Front-end developer
Nicolas Dezilles

Nicolas aka Brachet

Product Manager
Yassine ?

Yassine aka Dingo

Product designer
Guillem Soler Pasqual

Guillem aka Pomerania

Back-end developer
François ?

François aka Fox

Business Analyst
Audrey Renson

Audrey aka Shadow

Project Manager
Florence Bonsangue

Florence aka Lévrier

Content Strategist
Maud  Perot

Maud aka Fluffy

Back-end developer
Arnaud Fontaine

Arnaud aka Tosa

Head of design
Fabrice Rasir

Fabrice aka Frolic

Head of Startups
Julien Roose

Julien aka Mastiff

Head of Strategy & Marketing
Jenny Baccus

Jenny aka Kangal

Account manager
Nicolas ?

Nicolas aka Pinscher

Front-end developer
Corentin Botte

Corentin aka Hotdog

Project Manager
Frédéric Ponchaux

Frédéric aka Bobtail

Product Developer
Audrey Robic

Audrey aka Spitz

Front-end developer
Juliette Vanguers

Juliette aka Doodle

Product Manager
Our values

We are a close-knit team with our own values. The same values that we want to share with you, and that we want to integrate your projects.

  1. 1. Growing together through partnerships

  2. 2. It’s all about honest communication

  3. 3. Accountability is key

  4. 4. We’re human-centered

  5. 5. We love long-term relationships

  6. 6. Meaningful actions for better products and better results

We’re a family

Ten years of successful projects and digital expertise that we can’t wait to share with you

With the experience acquired over the last ten years working on Dogstudio’s award-winning projects, one of the best “emotional design” agencies in the world, our team at La Niche now wants to impart this expertise with you, to help you unleash your digital growth. We want to share our skills and services, to help you build the most creative, relevant and responsive solutions for your online growth.

You are convinced and would like to work with us?

We would be delighted to meet you and talk about the future development of your project over coffee.

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Wether you are a SME or a big corporation, we wrapped up a wide amount of projects that you can check to make sure we’re the one that fit your needs.

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