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The Théâtre de Liège, this Belgian cultural institution, has forged a solid reputation as a key player on the local and international arts scene. The theatre presents a varied programme ranging from theatre and dance to shows for young audiences and contemporary art exhibitions. As part of its commitment to modernisation and environmental responsibility, the Théâtre de Liège has embarked on a digital shift, adopting a paperless approach to optimise its operations while reducing its environmental impact and improving the user experience.

From online booking to digital transformation: the ecological evolution of the Théâtre de Liège

Aware of the need to adapt to the ever-expanding digital environment, the Théâtre de Liège called on our expertise.

Our collaboration aimed to simplify the user experience when purchasing tickets, responding to the growing demand for convenience. Particular attention was paid to setting up a dedicated communication area with users, underlining the importance of creating fluid, personalised interactions in the cultural field.

As a first step, we created a web app for online seat reservations. This web app was an opportunity to test the user experience within a realistic budget and timeframe. This process began with an in-depth research phase, during which our teams worked on integrating APIs from various project stakeholders, such as Mollie, Utick and the WordPress website.

Faced with the unexpected challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, a second phase was launched to adapt the initial project. This led to the introduction of a streaming dimension, enabling the theatre to maintain its cultural offering despite the temporary closure of the physical venues.

The next phase saw the creation of the ‘3rd stage’, offering a digital space dedicated to podcasts, videos and interviews. This initiative is part of the strategic objective of complementing the ‘extramural’ experience with ever richer and more varied content.

Finally, the fourth phase involved a significant transformation, converting the web app into a truly native app. At the same time, we introduced a pass system for spectators, enabling them to make savings on tickets purchased, and activated a notification system for efficient communication of various ‘daily’ or ‘urgent’ information.

La niche, an evolving partner – Théâtre de liège, a pioneer in the digital age of cultural management. At La Niche, we particularly appreciate this notion of long-term support. The application is constantly evolving thanks to the feedback we receive, enabling us to continually adapt it. Théâtre de Liège is now a pioneer in the digital age of cultural management!


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