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La Grand Poste, a place for emulation and encounters

La Grand Poste is a multi-purpose cultural venue in Liège city centre.

A co-working space, food market, brasserie, rooftop, cultural and artistic events – that’s the promise of this unique concept in the heart of the ardent city!

Let's work (on) the strategy!

To help the teams at La Grand Poste, we held several collaborative workshops. Our teams and theirs were on hand, and the discussions during these meetings proved enriching and fruitful 🍇

How to represent and prioritise all the services offered ? How can we ensure that users understand the essence of this place and all that they can discover there?

The important thing is to prioritise and organise. What are the 5 pillars of the venue, their values and their vision? During the strategy workshop, we were able to discuss all the subjects concerning La Grand Poste thanks to our questionnaire carried out beforehand.

We then worked with their teams to determine their shared vision. It is on the basis of this vision and this deep identification with La Grand Poste that we dive into the communications strategy!

Our aim is to establish the target profiles, build and analyse the user journey and the different communication channels to enable the team to coordinate better and plan a top-notch roadmap for La Grand Poste’s different targets.

And with so many participants in these workshops, it wasn’t easy. But that’s what collaborative working is all about, comparing opinions and generating new ideas and connections – and that’s what we love!


By way of branding?

After working hand in hand, we continued our collaboration to refresh La Grand Poste’s graphic charter to better align with the new positioning reflected in the strategy.

Here we go, immersing ourselves with the teams in the collaborative development of the creative brief. What are their core values, the personality of the brand, their audiences and competitors, but also what type of logo, typography and colours would be ideal for them?

What are their objectives? Appropriate names, an inspiring logo with a message, a clear promise and, above all, a strong visual system and a unique identity that represents them. All in a practical guide so you never get lost again!

“Working with La niche has been a real pleasure. We worked together for over a year in a climate of trust and friendship, first on the strategic positioning of La Grand Poste, then on its graphic identity and, finally, on a new website. Working over the long term with an agency that is itself a user of La Grand Poste was very beneficial. La niche knew our needs better than anyone else and produced an incredible piece of work, perfectly adapted to our reality. This strategic mission was essential for La Grand Poste and, frankly, it couldn’t have been done better.”

“I loved working with La niche: for their availability and responsiveness on the one hand, and for their creativity on the other. We’re really proud of our new visual identity, designed by the agency, and we’re having a lot of fun with the launch. When it comes to communications, it’s rare to get everyone to agree, but La niche succeeded in winning unanimous approval thanks to its innovative and original proposals. I particularly remember the presentation of the events page on our new site, which immediately won over the entire Grand Poste team, without exception! Well done again and thank you for all your hard work!”

A rethought strategy and a strong visual identity!

In addition to a completely reworked graphic charter, La Grand Poste now has a solid foundation for their strategy and positioning.

From benchmarking to analysing communication channels, not forgetting the traditional “marronnier” and the communication highlights not to be missed, the teams leave this collaboration with documents full of knowledge built around the exchanges that took place during the collaboration.

A redesigned, simplified logo and reworked graphics.
But how do you apply the visual system? Well, we’ve been working on a visual system application aid to guide La Grand Poste’s teams.

A sort of gauge that would guide them step by step through the creation of their social network posts, for example, depending on the origin of the post; from the most functional to the most emotional.

A collaboration that continues to this day

We’re proud to have worked together with the teams at La Grand Poste and to be able to observe the progress of this project as a front-row spectator. And yes, La niche is continuing its collaboration with La Grand Poste as tenants in their offices 😍

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