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With its exhibition areas, attractions and numerous activities, the Euro Space Center offers an immersive experience for all kinds of visitors, whether for a simple visit, a day trip or a group stay 🧑‍🚀

The Euro Space Center facilitates access to knowledge about space, making it an ideal place for enthusiasts, schools, families and companies looking for original activities. Since its creation, it has remained a must for exploring and understanding the universe (to infinity and beyond) 🌌

The Euro Space Center has decided to go even further!

The teams at the Euro Space Center were looking for innovative solutions to generate more interest and educate young people about careers in the space world.
In this quest, they took the strategic decision to call on the expertise of our teams 😍 By seeking our collaboration, they hoped to turn their ideas into reality and transform them into an educational, tangible and above all captivating experience!

And what about La niche?

The main challenge for La niche was to devise an innovative educational strategy capable of increasing young people’s interest in careers in space. The aim was to develop an engaging and captivating teaching approach that would effectively pass on knowledge while inspiring young people to explore the career possibilities offered by the space sector.

Our work took place in several stages.

Firstly, we organised meetings to gain a better understanding of the problem and develop an innovative solution in response to the Euro Space Center’s request.

During these discussions, the idea of gamification emerged as an ideal solution, thanks, in particular, to the active participation of the University of Namur, represented by André Fuzfa, professor and writer. His essential contribution was to develop the general scenario for the experiment, ensuring that the audience would be both excited and faithful to the hyper-realistic scientific aspects!

We then created an immersive web app divided into 11 scenes, each representing a specific profession in space. The development of the web app involved a number of phases, from scripting to gamification, including the design of games, interfaces and screen adaptations to make it even more ‘responsive’.

To maximise immersion, we interviewed real space professionals such as astronauts like Frank de Winne, physicists and even science journalists like Johanne Montay. To further enrich the experience, we incorporated our interviews into each scene, providing an authentic soundtrack of professionals sharing their unique experiences ☄️

We then turned each interview into printable job cards for the platform’s users. These sheets present a wide range of categories, such as their basic training, their motivations, their main tasks, and above all, they offer invaluable advice on how to achieve the objectives associated with their respective professions!

In the final phase, we enhanced the platform’s immersion by creating a highly captivating narrative. To ensure maximum accessibility, the platform has been developed in four languages (French, Dutch, German and English). This multilingual approach aims to reach a diverse audience and offer an immersive experience to all young people interested in careers in space 🚀

And the results?

Our collaboration has led to the creation of a highly immersive web experience available in four languages!
Designed for an international audience, this educational platform aims to establish the Euro Space Center’s position as a benchmark in the space sector.
Offering a fun and educational experience, it presents 19 space professions through interactive scenes. This project, enhanced by the expertise of the University of Namur, already positions the Euro Space Center as a major player in the promotion of space professions.

Thank you to the Euro Space Center and to André Fuzfa for this collaboration worthy of a real trip into space 💙

Focus on the customer

The Euro Space Center, founded in 1991, is located in Transinne in the municipality of Libin in Belgium. This space theme park aims to make space science accessible to as many people as possible.

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