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An inexhaustible source of creativity.

Founded in 1970, the IMEP, the Institut Royal Supérieur de Musique et de Pédagogie, trains artists, teachers and social players in tune with the needs of contemporary society. For decades, the IMEP has attracted music lovers and creative minds alike, by offering bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, summer courses, masterclasses and seminars focusing on creativity. It gives a boost to the Namur music scene through concerts open to the public, innovative teaching approaches and fruitful partnerships with the Opéra de Liège, for example.

To make its communications more user-friendly and attractive, while retaining a highly professional appearance and aiming for an international reach, the IMEP wanted to equip itself with a brand new website. La Niche provided its creative expertise to create a clear, structured and captivating website.

Le défi

In order to convey the values of IMEP and attract new enrolments, the first step was to revitalise the existing graphic charter and highlight it on the new website. The aim was to ensure a striking visual presence commensurate with its international status as a “École Supérieure des Arts”.

The redesign of IMEP’s digital identity reflects the technical nature of their field of expertise and their passion for the musical arts. The choice of colours and geometric elements in the visual system communicate this technicality, while highlighting the accessible and human aspects of the Institute.

With a view to extending IMEP’s international reach, La Niche has installed a plug-in that allows the site to be automatically translated into English. This feature will facilitate access to the site’s content for an English-speaking audience, enhancing IMEP’s visibility on a global scale.

IMEP’s request was explicit: eliminate the information clutter and restructure the entire content. The result is a comprehensive, feature-rich website, tailored to IMEP’s unique needs and ready to deliver an exceptional user experience. UX UX and always UX! (By the way, if you’d like to find out more about this, don’t hesitate to read our article + link)

Secondly, our teams set about configuring the IMEP Mailchimp account. We set up an efficient system enabling the IMEP to communicate about upcoming events in an impactful way. This included the creation of a template consistent with the Institute’s visual identity, ensuring harmonious and professional communication to promote the various artistic initiatives.

The results

The synergy between La Niche and IMEP has resulted in a successful redesign of the digital identity. The site now offers a complete platform, tailored to the needs of IMEP, which has been open to our suggestions for improvement throughout our collaboration, demonstrating its commitment to excellence.

“Dreaming… Imagining, designing, organising and building a new website step by step is a very unusual adventure! Then learning how to tame it day by day, going from strength to strength, is another… It’s a whole art, like playing music! Meeting, combining and mutually enriching our know-how was a determining factor in the creation of the new IMEP website. The resulting showcase is a marvellous reflection of an Institute that is still expanding, alive and kicking! La Niche is an impressive team, not only for its expertise in the field, but also for the quality of its human relations, its attention to others, its dialogue, its support… The result: a gantry where harmony and beauty of design go hand in hand with efficiency!”

Focus on the client

Located in the heart of Namur, IMEP holds the special status of École Supérieure des Arts (ESA) in the provinces of Namur and Luxembourg, while being the only ESA in the field of music to benefit from subsidised free education within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. The Institute fosters creativity, celebrates diversity of opinion, and actively engages in partnerships at national and international levels, making a significant contribution to the contemporary cultural scene. Its rich history and unique mission make it a privileged partner for La Niche, seeking collaborations that transcend the boundaries of art and creativity.

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