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A digital exhibition

Jean Boghossian is a Lebanese artist based in Brussels. He called on La Niche to completely redesign his website in order to present his work in the best possible digital and immersive manner.

Jean Boghossian is a Lebanese artist based in Brussels, who is a sculptor and painter of Armenian origin. He has been active as an international artist since 1975. He is also one of the few artists in the world to experiment with applying fire and smoke to various works.

The challenge

Jean Boghossian, a multidisciplinary abstract artist whose recent works all bear varying degrees of traces of degradation through burning, desired to exhibit his work internationally and enable everyone to understand his works by displaying them in the best possible manner. Here we are witnessing one of the many facets of the digitalisation of the art world…

We were commissioned to completely redesign his website and branding, and so our team had to start from scratch. Immersion was our watchword! We then started from a sober base in order to allow each work to come to life behind a screen. The basic point was to work on the structure and user experience rather than the branding.

Our mission was to highlight the artist’s works, his career and his various news and exhibitions, but also to optimise his natural referencing (SEO) in order to strengthen his international visibility.

Our digital solution

We ensured that all the works could be viewed as close to reality as possible, respecting the proportions, details, materials and textures, in order to give the visitor the illusion that the work was really there before their eyes. We therefore developed an ultra high-quality zoom system to allow each room to be viewed in the finest detail.

Our team made Jean Boghossian’s website into something more than a showcase site – it created an actual digital exhibition. The major challenge of this project was undoubtedly to faithfully transcribe the artist’s universe without resorting to contrivances, and so to offer everyone the opportunity to discover his work in an authentic way, as close as possible to the experience encountered during one of his exhibitions.

The results… When art is the answer

Jean Boghossian’s team was very meticulous in its demands concerning this website project. Thanks to detailed and regular interaction between the latter and La Niche, the website is now a reflection of the artist and his world and perfectly transcribes the subtlety of his art and its material aspect into the digital world. 

Most of the design work was then oriented towards a creative direction of assertive minimalism, composed of a light typographic play and a monochrome palette, from which the artist’s works and the various visuals can emerge in their full power. This is an authentic interplay between form and function.

The creation of the customised Dashboard made it possible to discover that the site’s visitors come from all over the world and above all that their numbers are consistent with the places where the artist’s works are exhibited. The objective of visibility was therefore achieved.

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