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Dynamic Flows, a set of branded icons at the heart of the project

Dynamic Flows set our team of designers a challenge: that of modernising their entire graphical identity, with a set of functional icons serving as the main axis of their visibility. Challenge accepted!

Dynamic Flows creates innovative, sociable and efficient apps that are integrated directly into the user’s email inbox, in Microsoft Office, in Windows and on Smartphones, with the aim of centralising the information associated with emails, documents and other shared information. Dynamic Flows’ mission is to develop smart software apps aimed at making life easier for users and increasing businesses’ productivity and security, thanks to artificial intelligence and the automating of workflows.

The challenge

Dynamic Flow supports companies in their day-to-day management tasks, but the time had come for them to think about modernizing and adding some dynamism to their own brand image. The sheer complexity of their apps called for a kind of branding that conveyed more information, one that they were motivated to renew.
They turned to La Niche for our Branding services, to conduct a full review of their visual identity. 

What made this task unique? The very specific needs as regards functional icons, given that these icons are their primary axis of visibility. The logo is therefore of secondary importance in this project, since it does not appear when users use Dynamic Flows in Outlook or another Microsoft tool. The challenge is therefore to create a set of icons that represent Dynamic Flows, in a qualitative sense, in the daily use of the tool, so that their visual identity can be felt as much as possible, but also so that people can understand what their icons mean the first time they look at them.

“La niche supported us on this branding project in a responsive way, always listening to what we were saying. The icons are expressive, modern and completely in keeping with our look!”

Our tailor-made digital solution

After an initial meeting with the customer and their project during a Workshop where the concept, visual identity, graphics charter and iconographic style are defined, we suggest several creative ways to go, each of which is already fairly well thought-through, with icon proposals for the 5 directions that we were proposing. This first stage of the process played a huge role in guiding our final choice of partner.

Our team of designers therefore drew up a colour palette, displayed in the logo in particular, that then enables a system of variations to be created, so that all the icons can be done. 

La niche developed and produced a set of primary and secondary functional icons, based on Dynamic Flows’ pre-existing set, where, visually, the literal meaning of the icon is as clearly comprehensible to the users as possible. As a counterbalance to this, we also created more abstract icons to represent Dynamic Flows’ plug-ins and other products. Finally, we chose to make the logo a 3D one, to symbolize the company’s dynamic side and the fact that it’s in motion.  

“One of the biggest challenges was the timing of the project. We had to be super-efficient within a limited time-frame!”

The results

We rose to the challenge admirably: our collaboration with the customer has borne fruit and the result has satisfied each side’s expectations. The brand identity is modern and perfect for a product like this. Now that our collaboration has ended, Dynamic Flows is moving forward with a new identity: one that’s fresher and more dynamic, and has more to say about the brand!

At La niche, the process put in place for the Design projects involves listening to what the customer is feeling at every stage. And that’s what makes all the difference – there’s no denying it! Dynamic Flows’ teams are very satisfied with the support that was given to them, and with the high level of training that our team has shown it possesses. 

  • 110 icons adapted
  • 28% increase in productivity
  • 1 Hour saved each day
  • 89% adoption rate among users
  • 87% satisfaction rate among users

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