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ADN, the digital developer in Wallonia

“Open, innovative and neutral, the Digital Agency is recognized as the catalyst of the territory’s digital transformation, the centre of Walloon digital expertise and the Government’s privileged advisor.” The ADN wanted to create a web app with the aim of testing everyone’s digital skills in the form of a challenge accessible to everyone. To make this possible, ADN chose MiiL and Click as methodological partners and La Niche as technological partner.

The Agence Du Numérique (ADN) is the catalyst for digital transformation, the centre of digital expertise in Wallonia and the Government’s privileged advisor. Its aim is to achieve 4 major digital missions: strategic governance, monitoring, communication and digital transformation. With a team of 40 passionate employees, ADN is developing and surfing on the digital wave to seize all the opportunities.

The challenge

When we talk about digital skills, we have the impression that scrolling, dragging and dropping, copying and pasting and other digital things are obvious… and yet! 

To start this strategy, ADN and its methodological partners mapped all the skills and proposed possible gamification paths. 

On this basis, La Niche was challenged by ADN to develop and implement the digichallenge web app with the aim of testing its digital skills and thus acting on its strengths and weaknesses in this area. 

Challenge accepted for La Niche!

Our tailor-made digital solution

The ADN wanted to support Walloon citizens in their digital transition by setting up a progressive web app. The aim of this app is to measure the rate of digitalization of users via a fun and educational quiz measuring 5 themes and 10 skills, the digichallenge. This app serves as a self-assessment thanks to a quiz leading to a result, the digiscore. 

What digital skills are we talking about?

We are talking about digital skills “for all”, those of the digital users that we all are, and not the computer skills of digital professionals. La Niche had to find a visual and simple way to stage the games.

The Digichallenge was designed to be a quiz to assess the digital skills of an average person who has had no previous training.

 We are very satisfied with the result of the La Niche x ADN collaboration. It was enriching in every respect. La Niche listened to our requests and did everything possible to satisfy them. Thank you for this professionalism.

The results

Throughout this dynamic project, we co-created in close collaboration with MiIL, Le click and ADN. The exchanges were fluid, rich and interesting, which enabled us to achieve a conclusive result that met their expectations. 

The ADN team was looking for a reliable ally where high standards were required, both in terms of development and content management. The team was very open to the various modifications we proposed.

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