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A season of listening

In a context marked by the health crisis, restrictions and distancing measures, the cultural world is collapsing without any possibility of reaction. Museums, cinemas, theaters and concert halls are closed. Faced with this situation, the National Theatre realised the importance of digitising culture and launched the Voix.e.s project.

Founded in 1945, the mission of the Theatre National Wallonie – Bruxelles is to develop and promote the Belgian cultural and artistic sector through various shows and performances. Faced with the obstacle of distance, the National Theatre had to rethink the cultural sector and imagine an entirely sound season that would offer its audiences an auditorium just for their ears.

The challenge

To work on the image and to develop a new web application to listen to the sound shows, with the aim of creating a direct link with the citizens who are confined and unable to move in a theater. Challenge accepted!

Interface and functions of the application

Voix.e.s is the result of an intense collaboration that allowed this project to come to life during a complicated period. This application is not only about a simple and easy-to-use tool, but also about the immediacy of sound. When the web application is opened, everything is set up to promote sound.  Clean design, intuitive navigation, clear images. The interface highlights the content and everything is designed to make the user experience fluid and pleasant.

a promising and sustainable project

With its free application, the institution is not content to innovate for the duration of a season, but offers an alternative platform for sound creations, artists and collectives.

Successfully developing a web application to digitise culture and reach a limited audience: a gamble that paid off! The project has reached the public thanks to its originality and simplicity. Culture lives on through sound and we are proud to have been part of this process.

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