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In 2022, it is unthinkable to implement digital actions without analysing the impact on your business.

Advertising campaigns, website, content creation, each of your actions is important, for your referencing, for your conversions, for the impact of your online presence in general. Google Data Studio will be your best ally to meet your data.

Our mission has always been to support our clients and meet their needs. And because we like to get to the bottom of things, we attach great importance to data marketing.

We systematically advise the implementation of a personalised analytical table so that our clients can monitor their strategy, their results and the relevance of their actions.

Let’s start with some strategy

Before creating a dashboard, it is essential to establish a tracking plan. We then list the statistics that interest you and that fit your strategy, but also the personalised events or user behaviours that you want to track. There is (almost) no limit to this tracking plan. Whether it is very simple or very complex, Google Data Studio adapts to your needs.

Yes, most of the statistics you will find in your dashboard already exist, on the one hand on Google Analytics, on the other hand on the social networks concerned (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin,…). But thanks to our synthesis work, you don’t have to search for and cross-reference the statistics that interest you! We put everything on the page and completely customise the tables (and what’s more, they respect your graphic charter).

The benefits of Google Data Studio

You will have a relevant, simplified, automated overview that fits your way of working. The advantages of a dashboard via Google Data Studio

→ Soft and flexible

→ Scalable over time

→ Easy to use

→ Customisable

We develop two types of dashboards:

The conversion dashboard

This dashboard will allow you to follow the entire customer journey, from the advertising campaign to the conversion on the website. This allows you to see your conversion funnel clearly and of course, to calculate the cost of acquisition.

Whether it is specific to your e-commerce activity (like our clients Dema or O’Street) or a specific marketing activation with a form on a landing page (like our partner Eloy Water), this type of dashboard will meet your needs. You will know everything about the behaviour of your users, where they come from, the performance of your digital ecosystem and the interest in your products.

The engagement dashboard

If you put all your efforts into a content strategy, like Terre de Fromages and IRIS South Hospitals, this dashboard will suit you perfectly. It will allow you to measure the engagement of your users, to distinguish the content themes that perform best, both on your site and on your social networks, and therefore to adapt and optimise your content according to the results.

“Today, every digital action must be useful to the customer’s business, and therefore measurable.”
Julien, Head of Strategy @ la niche

Two ultra-customised dashboards

Our two partners AVIQ and MedTech entrusted us with complex missions, on the one hand with large-scale advertising campaigns, and on the other hand with a website with numerous functions. These two clients trusted us with the creation of customised dashboards.

They now use this tool on a daily basis to analyse their digital actions, optimise their actions and present their reports internally.

In conclusion

The personalised dashboard will allow you to make the link between your site and your social networks, to analyse your actions in real time and to optimise them as you go along to better control your investment in digital.

Checking the usefulness of your site and the strategy of your networks has never been so easy ❤️

Are you interested? Contact Mathieu now ☕️

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