CRM, the essential tool for supporting your growth

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In this hyper-competitive world, companies need to constantly stand out from the crowd if they are to prosper. So imagine a powerful tool that can boost your sales and help you conquer the market: that’s what an effective CRM is! 

In this article, we reveal the importance of this tool, the incredible benefits it holds for your business and, above all, how to choose it wisely 🔥

Are you ready?

What exactly is a CRM?

Imagine your company as a huge party, with hundreds of guests, each with their own tastes and preferences 🕺

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is like your personal DJ for this party. It keeps a VIP list of all your guests, remembers their favourite songs, and makes sure they have a memorable time. In other words, a CRM is your customer relationship management tool that allows you to collect, organise and interact with each and every one of them in a personalised way. It’s the secret to creating exceptional customer experiences and ensuring that every guest at the party feels right at home!

So the question is: why do you need a CRM to boost your company’s growth?

Well, in addition to the benefits already stated, here are some compelling reasons why a CRM is an invaluable asset:

🤝 Pre-sales management: CRM is an invaluable source of data for collecting the various exchanges or offers sent to your prospects and customers. It is always essential to be able to understand the offers and negotiations in progress. Over time, it is even possible to forecast your future order book thanks to the information collected by the CRM. Analysis and anticipation are the key words.

🤝After-sales management: Customer relations don’t end once the sale has been concluded. A CRM enables you to track post-sales interactions, manage support requests and identify your contacts. But it also gives you a history of feedback – essential information to share within a sales team, so you can guarantee an exceptional customer experience! Satisfied customers are more likely to become loyal customers and recommend your company to others.

💻 Mobile and online access: accessibility is essential in an ever-changing world. Modern CRMs offer mobile and online accessibility, meaning your teams can access customer data and collaborate from anywhere, at any time. This promotes responsiveness and real-time decision-making based on factual information.

🪜 Large-scale personalisation: your business doesn’t follow a single path, and neither do your customers for that matter. CRM enables large-scale personalisation by collecting data on your customers’ individual preferences. You can then offer tailored experiences, targeted recommendations and special offers that resonate with each customer, strengthening loyalty to your business.

📈 Scalability and flexibility: whether your business is a growing start-up or a large, established company, a CRM can adapt to your needs. It can grow with your business, giving you the flexibility to maintain effective customer management as your customer base grows.

CRM is not just a management tool, it’s a real catalyst for growth. It allows you to manage your sales processes as well as after-sales, to ensure the accessibility of information, to personalise on a large scale and to offer the flexibility essential to thriving in a competitive market. 

If you’re looking to succeed in this hypeeeer competitive world, a CRM may well be your secret asset to getting there 💪

But how do you choose a good CRM?

  • Visibility: keeping track of your sales and customers

First of all, the key element to consider is the visibility it offers of your sales and customers interactions. A good CRM should enable you to track your sales, your customers and all past and current actions with ease. An intuitive interface, capable of automating actions and centralising your favourite tools. It’s a visual tool that allows you to see at a glance where your various current offers stand (sales pipe) 👀 An essential asset that shouldn’t be overlooked!

  • Easier management of prospects and customers

Managing prospects and customers is another major dimension of an effective CRM 🚀 You need to be able to gather and manage all the information linked to your prospects in a simple way, allowing a smooth transition to customer status when necessary. It all needs to be done on a single interface, giving you an overview to convert prospects into customers more efficiently.

  • Personalisation: creating unique relationships

Personalisation is also crucial to standing out from the crowd. Your CRM must enable you to personalise your customer relationships by collecting clear, organised information tailored to each customer profile. This will help you to create a personalised onboarding for an exceptional customer experience.

  • Tasks and projects: impeccable organisation

The clear distribution of tasks and projects between your teams is a central element of organisation. Your CRM should facilitate communication between the different teams and employees in your company to optimise project management.

  • Bring all your tools together in a single CRM

Finally, to save time, an effective CRM must be able to bring all these tools together in a single interface. This avoids having to juggle between different platforms and tabs, simplifying day-to-day management.

The choice of a CRM should not be taken lightly. Opt for a CRM that is ergonomic, easy to use and customisable to suit your business sector and customer journey. A tool that brings together all your needs on a single platform!

Some examples of effective CRM

Hubspot : powerful, but requires a high level of sales activity.
Brevo : effective, accessible and marketing-oriented.
TeamLeader : Belgian touch, efficient and focused on production management.
Odoo : Belgian touch, the platform that does everything and more.

What am I supposed to learn from all of this?

That a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the key element that enables to complete management, from pre-sales to retention. Personalisation, communication, internal organisation and centralisation of tools are essential.

So, are you ready to take the plunge? Contact us now

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