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Brand identity is the DNA of your project. For several years, the Niche, its design team and its digital products department have been taking up this exciting challenge. Sharing experience.


Brand identity is the reflection of a company. We define, with the partner team, the perception that the targets must have of the brand. Our goal is to develop a coherent identity that is both unique and singular, but also consistent and durable. But before designing a custom identity, we first need to know who our partner is.

So we meet with the company that has called on us to establish a creative brief in a collaborative manner. Naming, slogan, mission, vision, values, targets, competitors, promise, usp, tone of voice, storytelling, brand architecture, positioning, are the key words. All these elements will be translated into our strategy so that the target audience understands who is behind the product or the brand.

 👉 At the end of the assignment, we guarantee a great name, an inspiring slogan and a clear and precise value proposition!

Your DNA in pictures

Within the brand identity, we work of course on the visual identity, since it is an integral part of the work. The visual identity is the graphic transcription of the brand identity, the DNA of your company. It has a huge influence on the audience’s perception of the product and is an essential communication axis.

Our designers transform the needs of the project into something beautiful, strong and impactful, so that our partner is proud to broadcast his brand identity and to make his company shine with aesthetic and meaningful content, in the colors of his ambitions!

We develop a logo with a message, a strong visual system, a unique identity that represents our partner and implements the strategy, and a practical guide to use the new charter in a simple and intuitive way.

💡 Good to know: with a strong brand, you increase the value of your business, as well as its recognition among your consumers.

“A good brand identity can be an incredible conversion tool, it defines and drives the emotional part of your brand and therefore the relationship you have with your audience. Make sure it’s unique and straightforward, and you’re all set!”
Arnaud Fontaine, Head of Design @ La niche

Ludus, the brand identity of a promising startup

Ludus, a collaborative presentation program for creative teams, is one of the startups supported by Niche. Four years after launching their product, they called on us to revisit their brand identity to make it strong, inspiring and relevant.

A series of workshops began between their team and ours to answer a series of questions, to discover the ecosystem already in place, to take stock of the visual and identity situation and finally to redefine all the essential aspects of the brand identity – audience, personas, vision, missions, values, tone of voice, personality, interactions with the target – to put it all to music and establish a new positioning. We analyzed 3 direct competitors. 2 well-known competitors, PowerPoint and Google Slide, and a more trendy competitor, Pitch.

At the end of these workshops, the niche submitted several value propositions to move forward in the direction that would most appeal to Ludus’ founders. Thanks to our branding strategy, we have completely repositioned the product to reach its current audience but also to enlarge it.

“We needed to reposition Ludus. To be more business-oriented, while keeping our creative touch. Niche did a great job repositioning us qualitatively in our entire digital eco-system.”
Vincent, Co-Founder @ Ludus

For the visual identity, Ludus had no color palette or visual system. The niche then brought a set of colors, shapes and compositions of graphic elements to bring consistency and context to the identity as well as a modern and engaging typography that recalls the shapes. Ludus took a leap forward in the positioning of its product and took a clear direction for the future of its communication.

 👉 Need a brand identity for your new product, business or startup? Let’s talk about it over coffee ☕️

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