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Strategy is a means not an end!

Speed up your growth with an effective and realistic strategy

La niche helps you develop your company’s digital strategy. Setting up a high-performance digital ecosystem in line with your market will stimulate your growth and accelerate your transformation. Our connected expertise allows us to propose innovative solutions and to identify, with you, the opportunities and challenges to be met in order to digitalize and optimize your business.

Our collaborative approach integrates you to a unique methodology to guarantee you relevant strategic proposals that will help you reach your objectives and your target. Whether we are talking about Employer Branding, Digital Transformation or Communication, our experts and strategists are at your disposal.

Tip: A relevant communication strategy will give you an overview of the actions to be taken and help you define your communication budget.

Communication strategy

Target your communication to get relevant results

Your company, brand or project needs a communication strategy to reach its objectives? We accompany you in a collaborative reflection that will meet your needs! After a preliminary analysis of your sector, interviews and/or a workshop with your team, our strategists will transform your ideas or needs into solutions within a tailor-made strategy at your scale: channel recommendations, tone of voice, message, content strategy, KPIs, working method,… all of which will meet your objectives of awareness, engagement, conversion or retention.

We identify your DNA and integrate storytelling, personas, positioning, vision, mission and values within a tailor-made digital recommendation. Whether your need is digital or not, part of an Inbound Marketing strategy or requires Outbound, our experts keep you on the right track through an action plan that drives your strategy in a realistic way, taking into account your budget, means and deadlines, in short, your reality!

Digital strategy

Your digital transformation in complete security

In a connected world that evolves very quickly, developing the growth of your company or your project through digital technology is probably an obligation. At La niche, we believe that there is no single “recipe for growth”. As you can see, our specialty is to work on a tailor-made basis. We prefer to define with you the ingredients that are necessary for your success story. And as needs, tasts and the context may vary over time or from one environment to another, we make sure to keep a certain level of flexibility in our approach.

Our digital experts will accompany you and advise you strategically at every stage of your project. No matter if you are just starting your business, or if you are an established company ready to evolve or take on the next challenge: our strategists and business analysts are there to guide you through a collaborative approach and a global reflection that will integrate your reality, your teams, your logistics and your needs. Attentive to the details, we analyze your problems, find solutions and the appropriate digital tools. Step by step, we imagine your ideal digital architecture to help you reach your goals. Finally, we implement and test the selected solutions to ensure that your growth will be achieved.

Did you know that since the pandemic, 46% of European companies say they have taken steps to intensify their digitalization by providing more services online.

“User journeys after user journeys, use cases after use cases, we will be describing the digital architecture needed to reach your goals.”

Did you know that with a job vacancy rate almost double its average over the last decade, Europe is currently experiencing a severe shortage of qualified profiles.

Employer Branding Strategy

Create a strong employer brand to strengthen your company

If Employer Branding seems to be the new trend of the moment, it is actually much more than that. It is a real methodology that sets a new course for the future and the way companies communicate. In an ever-changing world, employer branding is suddenly taking center stage. It has never been more important to put on a human face and create a strong employer brand that will reinforce the pride and motivation of your internal teams, and to stand out from the crowd in order to easily attract tomorrow’s talent. Why do we position ourselves as experts in this field? Because employer branding is first and foremost communication… And that’s what we’re all about! You have to choose your targets, your objectives and the means you have to reach them and put everything to music. To do so, we develop a tailor-made strategy to optimize employer branding within your company.

In the past, communication and human resources were two separate departments, but this is certainly changing. These two entities must work together because a good employer brand is the perfect match between the two. In this case, communication cannot be dissociated from your company’s HR policy… This is what makes it as complex as it is exciting. Employer Branding therefore brings the changes outside but also inside your company. Depending on your needs, our mission can go as far as the implementation of the strategy within your company.

Tip: A company is not rich when it has data, but when it manages to collect and analyze it intelligently.

Data strategy

Your data to optimize your activity

In order to analyze the behaviors and the profile of your audiences, and to count your conversions, we set up a precise and personalized monitoring of your digital activity to accompany its follow-up in real time and measure the results. We do it from the beginning of your project. The goal is to better understand what is going on in your digital ecosystem, and to ensure that the actions decided upon bear fruit.

Data-Driven Marketing oriented, our Digital Strategists and Business Analysts will make your data speak like no other, and our analysis is Google Analytics certified. We work daily with Google Data Studio to develop custom dashboards that integrate all of your data, including your site’s analytics, but also activity from your social networks. La niche guarantees a relevant use of your data to better understand your audience and accelerate your growth!

Brand strategy

(Re)-Define who you are as a brand

Businesses today are digital! That is a fact. Touch points with your audience are multiplied. Their journey to reach you, know about your offering and purchase are more complex than ever. Information is everywhere. So are comments, recommendations and other user-generated content.

This is why it is so important to build a coherent digital ecosystem which will allow you to tell your story in an efficient way. But this implies you have a story to tell, messages to pass on, values to convey and build a unique personality that will speak to your audience. Competition is fierce. Relevance, added value delivery and personalization approach have never been as important as today.

At the base of all this: your brand! Needless to insist on the fact that if you do not have a strong brand and clear positioning, it will be like running barefoot with a broken leg. At La niche we won’t let you compete like that! So first things first, before starting working on your digital experience our brand strategist will advise and collaborate with you to build or revise your brand identity.

Methods we use and topics we cover:

  • Brand naming (workshop)
  • Brand identity workshop
  • Brand Why, values and personality definition
  • Brand story, value proposition, positioning statement and tagline definition.
  • Brand architecture building
  • Brand visual identity
  • Brand tonal and vocal identity
  • Brand graphic platform development for digital and non-digital materials
  • Brand guidelines development
  • Tone of voice guidelines development


Through these we cover the following topics:

  • Business and competition analysis
  • Objectives and KPIs definition
  • Problem solving
  • User profile and needs definition
  • User experience drafting
  • Brand naming and identity definition
  • Digital solution architecture drafting
  • Projects road mapping
  • Prioritization sessions
  • Production and release strategic planning

Collaboration at the core of our strategic approach

The strategy is not and end but a means.

We are convinced that time, effort and money invested in strategy will definitely maximize the chances of success and reduce the risks. It clearly helps decision-making, team empowerment and improve the collaboration with the agency and other third parties. It brings clarity, objectives alignment and confidence to trigger the actions.

Building a relevant strategic plan for a business requires that we do it with the company. At La niche, we like to say that we know our shit but you know yours too! So the right strategy is the one built for you, with you. This is the reason why we have developed a large series of workshops and collaborative activities that proved themselves to be time, effort and costs efficient when it comes to define a digital strategic plan.

Our workshop sessions incorporate design thinking, scoring and voting, brainstorming, user experience drafting, sketching, role-playing…

Our certifications

We Certify Our Expertise

At La niche, we are dedicated to stay up to date with technologies and tools. That’s why our team pursue certifications and adequate training. Google Marketing Platform and HubSpot being recognised tools commonly used, we make sure our team members are Google Analytics and HubSpot certified. When collaborating with us, you are assured to work with certified experts. We deliver expertise! Always!

  • Google Analytics Advanced Certificate
  • Hubspot Inbound Strategy Certification
The strategy team

“A collective brain at the service of your aspirations: let's define together the solutions and the ideal digital ecosystem to reach your goals.”

Our team, made up of strategists and analysts with varied skills and experience, is there to guide you and offer a relevant, consistant and flexible strategy, in line with your company and your ambitions.

Mathieu Bazelaire CEO

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