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Strategy is a means not an end!

A strategy is a plan of action or a method designed to achieve a long-term or overall goal. Simple.

At La niche, we think there is not a single “growth recipe” good for any types of companies. We’d rather define the ingredients needed and, with your collaboration, write down the right recipe for your business. And because tastes and context may change with time, we’ll make sure to incorporate a certain level of elasticity in the method.

Less metaphorically, we strategically advise our clients at any of their business development stage. No matter if you’ve just created your business or if you are an established company ready to scale up or to grab the next challenge, our strategists and analysts have aggregated expertise and knowledge in both cases for BtoC, BtoB and even BtoBtoC companies during the past 10 years (and still are).

Tools we may deploy here are:

  • Stakeholders interviews and workshops
  • Competition analysis
  • SWOT analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Design thinking
  • User analysis: persona & empathy mapping
  • User survey and feedback collection
  • Innovator’s compass

Business and user needs analysis

Identify the right problem

Many solutions fail because problems had been wrongly identified in the first place. Any strategic plan should start by this simple step: defining the problem we need to solve and why. The answers to these two questions will be the corner stone of the strategy. Based on our experiences we have developed time and cost efficient methods and tools to analyze your business needs and make a clear diagnosis of the problem.

Because we believe your business will grow if it meets its customer needs and expectations, a large part of this analysis will be dedicated to understanding your customer digital behaviors. Our goal: focus on and understand the problem first, to propose solutions that are relevant for both your business and your digital customer.

Being sector agnostic forces our strategic team to stay open-minded, curious and empathetic. Three major soft skills that will pile up to the knowledge and expertise aggregated towards the years.

Digital solution definition

Define the right solution

Our promise is to collaboratively define the relevant digital solutions to unleash your growth! So let’s walk the talk!

From the business and user needs analysis, we will draw together the corresponding digital ecosystem. An ecosystem made of multiple elements like websites, e-commerce, blogs, social media pages, landing pages, emailing and newsletters, which together will allow you to tell your story in a consistent way. User journeys after user journeys, use cases after use cases, we will be describing the digital architecture needed to reach your goals.

Business objectives will be translated into digital subgoals associated to KPIs in order to build a comprehensive tracking plan. That way we will be able to track, collect and analyze the data in order to improve the solutions continuously. Check the page describing our data intelligence services to know more about our tracking, measurement and data analysis solutions.

Tools we may deploy here are:

  • User experience drafting workshops,
  • Benchmarking,
  • User flows mapping,
  • Use cases writing,
  • Information architecture
  • Sitemap drafting,
  • Functional analysis and features SPEC definition,
  • User testing…

“User journeys after user journeys, use cases after use cases, we will be describing the digital architecture needed to reach your goals.”

Tools we may deploy here are:

  • Workshops and interview sessions
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Persona drafting
  • Prioritization sessions and matrix,
  • Roadmap building and its management tools
  • Internal communication plan and creative assets production
  • User surveys and interviews…

Strategic roadmap drafting

Define the strategic plan

No matter if you reach out for a small- or large-scale project or program, strategic planning is essential to invest your money wisely and reduce the risks.

At La niche we operate at different scales when it comes to build a roadmap. Nevertheless, it always implies prioritization techniques. Depending on our scope, we will either focus on features and user stories prioritization at the project level or will focus on projects or products prioritization and release strategy plan at a program level. The past years we have developed methods and tools to help you prioritize taking interdependencies into account while staying focus on delivery.

The best plan is the one that works for you. As simple as it can sound, it implies that we remain flexible when it comes to the end deliverable format and its internal promotion. Could be an Excel plan, a BPMN plan… Our experts will adapt to what makes the more sense for your business and collaborators, as you will ultimately be the ones to carry it on. This is the reason why it is essential to us that this process remains collaborative, team empowerment being indirectly one of the objectives. So the internal communication of the plan should not be underestimated

Tests we may deploy are:

  • User online surveys
  • Users group interviews
  • Usability testing
  • Interface Testing
  • Tree Testing
  • A/B/n Testing
  • Feedback Collection
  • Heat Mapping
  • Session Recording

User survey and testing

Test and prove

Although good practices prevail, you can never be 100% sure all the decisions you make are the best ones when it comes to user experience development.

At La niche we know empathy can quickly reach its limit especially when the community you want to target has its own way of behaving and communicating. This is why we recommend to do user tests to limit the risks and avoid production wastes.

Depending on the purpose of the test, we will advise on the right moment, the right panel and the right method to get the answers we are looking for. So tests can be either quantitative or qualitative and can take place before, during or after the production. In some cases we would recommend that the tests happen at different stages of the project.

User testing are great tools but definitely not an end. It definitely helps decision-making. User testing will be carried on once the solution is live, and followed through tracking and metric measurements and assessment. Read the data intelligence page to know more about data tracking.

Brand strategy

(Re)-Define who you are as a brand

Businesses today are digital! That is a fact. Touch points with your audience are multiplied. Their journey to reach you, know about your offering and purchase are more complex than ever. Information is everywhere. So are comments, recommendations and other user-generated content.

This is why it is so important to build a coherent digital ecosystem which will allow you to tell your story in an efficient way. But this implies you have a story to tell, messages to pass on, values to convey and build a unique personality that will speak to your audience. Competition is fierce. Relevance, added value delivery and personalization approach have never been as important as today.

At the base of all this: your brand! Needless to insist on the fact that if you do not have a strong brand and clear positioning, it will be like running barefoot with a broken leg. At La niche we won’t let you compete like that! So first things first, before starting working on your digital experience our brand strategist will advise and collaborate with you to build or revise your brand identity.

Methods we use and topics we cover:

  • Brand naming (workshop)
  • Brand identity workshop
  • Brand Why, values and personality definition
  • Brand story, value proposition, positioning statement and tagline definition.
  • Brand architecture building
  • Brand visual identity
  • Brand tonal and vocal identity
  • Brand graphic platform development for digital and non-digital materials
  • Brand guidelines development
  • Tone of voice guidelines development


Through these we cover the following topics:

  • Business and competition analysis
  • Objectives and KPIs definition
  • Problem solving
  • User profile and needs definition
  • User experience drafting
  • Brand naming and identity definition
  • Digital solution architecture drafting
  • Projects road mapping
  • Prioritization sessions
  • Production and release strategic planning

Collaboration at the core of our strategic approach

The strategy is not and end but a means.

We are convinced that time, effort and money invested in strategy will definitely maximize the chances of success and reduce the risks. It clearly helps decision-making, team empowerment and improve the collaboration with the agency and other third parties. It brings clarity, objectives alignment and confidence to trigger the actions.

Building a relevant strategic plan for a business requires that we do it with the company. At La niche, we like to say that we know our shit but you know yours too! So the right strategy is the one built for you, with you. This is the reason why we have developed a large series of workshops and collaborative activities that proved themselves to be time, effort and costs efficient when it comes to define a digital strategic plan.

Our workshop sessions incorporate design thinking, scoring and voting, brainstorming, user experience drafting, sketching, role-playing…

Our certifications

We Certify Our Expertise

At La niche, we are dedicated to stay up to date with technologies and tools. That’s why our team pursue certifications and adequate training. Google Marketing Platform and HubSpot being recognised tools commonly used, we make sure our team members are Google Analytics and HubSpot certified. When collaborating with us, you are assured to work with certified experts. We deliver expertise! Always!

  • Google Analytics Advanced Certificate
  • Hubspot Inbound Strategy Certification
The strategy team

“A collective brain at the service of your aspirations: let's define together the solutions and the ideal digital ecosystem to reach your goals.”

Our team, made up of strategists and analysts with varied skills and experience, is there to guide you and offer a relevant, consistant and flexible strategy, in line with your company and your ambitions.

Julien Roose Head of Strategy & Marketing
François ?

François aka Fox

Business Analyst
Fiona Crott

Fiona aka Cocker

Business Strategist
Antoine Delpire-Crets

Antoine aka Calupo

Digital Strategist
Adrien Noterdaem

Adrien aka Poochie

Creative Director
Maeva Berthelot

Maeva aka Lhassa

UX Strategist

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