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Digital Marketing

Discover innovative digital marketing solutions that make sense

To reach your goals and effectively reach your target, we offer cutting edge and innovative digital marketing solutions. Optimizing your online presence, boosting your notoriety and getting people talking, targeting, dialoguing, engaging and above all, converting… Every day, we are committed to support and guide you to success in a digital world that is becoming more complex every day.

All with meticulous monitoring of your campaigns and continuous optimization of your audience engagement and your ROI. Our approach is market-based, business-oriented, and places the connected user at the center of our thinking. With La niche, discover realistic digital marketing that makes sense.

Facebook Business:
simply display yourself on the largest social network, andtake advantage of its numerous targeting options.

Instagram for Business:
enhance and strengthen your image where aesthetics rhymes with trends and efficiency.

Linkedin Marketing Solutions:
assert your expertise among professionals, regardless of your sector.

Google Ads:
place your banners on engaging and popular sites, or your video ads on YouTube, the growing media.

Twitter for Business:
stay one step ahead and surf the trend, thanks to a powerful influence network.

Spotify For Brands:
because music is life, discover new possibilities to reach a young audience.

Online advertising

Boost your visibility through online advertising

No matter the size of your company, your brand or your project, the question of your presence on social networks in the digital age is crucial for the development and growth of your business. Whatever your objective or your audience, La niche offers tailor-made digital communication campaigns to allow you to obtain measurable and relevant results.

We work with the largest online advertising agencies on the market, whether on Facebook (and Instagram), with an audience of more than 2 billion people, Linkedin and its impressive community of professionals in all sectors, or Google and its unlimited catalog, including YouTube. With the possibility of implementing specific remarketing actions to target only visitors to your site.

Our Social Media campaigns follow your digital strategy to the letter, and are constantly optimized to ensure a real commitment from your fans or subscribers, and a real return on investment. With La Niche by your side, investing in online advertising has never been so reassuring.

Our Social Media campaigns follow your digital strategy to the letter, and are constantly optimized to ensure a real commitment from your fans or subscribers, and a real return on investment. With La Niche by your side, investing in online advertising has never been so reassuring.

Search engines

Increase your presence on search engines

Whether it’s dedicated actions to optimize your natural referencing (SEO) or paid SEO campaigns (SEA), La niche guarantees maximum visibility on search engines when your products or services are searched.

Of paramount importance, your presence on Google can generate quality traffic to your site, but also conversions or leads: online shopping, form submissions, phone calls, making appointments…

From finding keywords relevant to your business, to analyzing competitive performance, and writing impactful ads, we create engaging AdWords campaigns that will get your goals off the ground. Our campaigns are monitored and optimized each week, according to the behavior of your audience, all with a controlled budget. What else?

Google Ads: impossible to do without this powerful tool, or Google, its ubiquitous search engine, Google Ads triggers your ads as soon as your product or service is searched, ideal for reaching your target with the right content at the right time. Coupled with Google Analytics, it allows you to effectively monitor behavior and conversions in real time.

Mobile never really was a channel, as it blurs the distinction between physical and digital worlds. And now, nearly every digital experience is becoming mobile

Mailchimp: reference platform for marketing automation and email marketing, Mailchimp allows you to create convincing and personalized email campaigns, but also to manage your different contact lists and interact with your audience through dedicated scenarios.


Build audience loyalty with personalized email campaigns

Whether for B2C or B2B, email marketing campaigns remain a safe bet when it comes to talking face to face with your audience and gaining their loyalty. Offer exclusive promotions, inform about your news, or sell your products or services, email marketing is a powerful channel to increase your area of influence.

La niche offers you to precisely and efficiently target the contacts in your database with original and personalized content. From the opening rate to clicks, each campaign is analyzed and adjusted according to statistics.

Hubspot: if you didn’t know, the term “Inbound Marketing” was coined by the very creators of Hubspot. As you can guess, Hubspot is therefore an essential marketing tool, with many possibilities, but above all centralized. And if you opt for a content creation strategy to attract and convert your future leads, also know that La niche is an official partner of Hubspot!


Develop your expertise with an engaging content strategy

In addition to establishing your position as a referent, the creation and dissemination of exclusive, sought-after and engaging content, helps you create quality, solid, qualified natural traffic to your site, then facilitating conversions and lead generation.

Also called “Inbound Marketing”, this long-term strategy aims to firmly establish your online presence and actively participates in the strengthening of your natural referencing (SEO). Writing tutorials, white papers, infographics, blog or comparative articles, annual reports, La niche supports you in the production of unique media with high added value.


Surprise your audience with fun and interactive experiences

Activation, contests, serious gaming, gamification, video, interactivity, immersive experiences… When the objective is ambitious, La niche deploys advanced digital mechanics, today and tomorrow, to explode your online visibility. Storytelling, technology, creativity, everything comes together in a strong digital concept, which will allow you to reach your target where it does not expect you, and to cause the expected conversions.

The digital marketing team

“Build your digital presence step by step, with relevant and measurable results, constantly guiding you to success.”

For more than 20 years, in my digital experience, I have always associated customer issues, user experience, strategy and technology, within a single uniform vision, a vision imbued with creativity and rationality, with the constant idea that only a real and measurable success of the undertaken actions can lead to a solid and fulfilling client-agency relationship. With La niche, we want to favor a “market” approach, common sense, useful solutions, and above all, human values.

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Florence aka Lévrier

Content Strategist
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Charlotte aka Labrador

Project Manager
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Fiona aka Cocker

Business Strategist
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Antoine aka Calupo

Digital Strategist
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Kristina aka Miki

Content Manager

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