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Digital Marketing

Boost your business growth by generating more conversions, build loyalty and optimize your ROI

La niche offers innovative digital marketing solutions that make sense to your users. Your targets are connected and online advertising is the most effective way to convert them. As digital experts, we are convinced that the growth of your business depends on targeted digital marketing actions.

No matter what technique you use, whether it’s Inbound Marketing or Outbound Marketing, your results and conversions will be tracked, analyzed and optimized at every step. Whether your project is B2B, B2C pr G2C, together we generate sales, attract visitors, capture leads that we turn into customers and build loyalty. What else ?

Did you know that on average, more than 70% of Internet users targeted by Remarketing are more likely to make a purchase.

Online advertising campaigns

Increase your conversions with social media advertising

You want to maximize your conversions? Sell your services or products? Increase interactions with your brand? Promote your content to a specific audience? Boost your visibility to the right people? Acquire a new audience? Social Media Advertising is the solution for you. There are a wide variety of advertising agencies to advertise online. We work with the great classics like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. But also on other networks like Snapchat, Tik Tok or Pinterest. You want to push your online advertising even further? We offer you campaigns on Waze or Spotify Ads.

La niche combines ultra-personalized creative content creation, cutting-edge advertising techniques and advanced targeting, for a perfect combo that will guarantee you the results you want at the end of your online action. We analyze your target and create qualitative and adequate audiences. We take your reality into account and advise you on the ideal media budget to invest, adapted to your needs.

Our digital marketing experts masterfully manage all digital tools such as Facebook Business Manager or Linkedin Campaign Manager to rigorously manage your campaigns, which are analyzed daily and optimized in real time according to the performance of the results.

Thanks to a tailor-made and targeted content and with the advanced techniques offered by Remarketing, we can reactivate the audiences interested in your products or services and who have already interacted with the content of your site and your social networks.

SEA campaigns

Position yourself on relevant keywords to be present where your target is looking for you

Did you know that every purchase starts with an online search. You must be present where your target is looking for you, because if it is not you, it will be your competitor! Strengthen your presence on search engines now, and be present when people are looking for you on the web by developing a SEA (Search Engine Advertising) campaign. From researching relevant keywords for your business or industry, to analyzing competitor performance, to writing impactful ads or effective display banners, we create engaging Google Ads campaigns that will make your goals or sales take off.

Your SEA ads are monitored, analyzed, and optimized every week, within your budget and according to your audience’s behaviors, by Marketing Managers certified by Google Analytics and Google Ads. Moreover, our experts remain in regular contact with Google teams, on the one hand to improve your campaigns according to the best criteria, and on the other hand to be aware of the latest tools. Contact us now to find out how we can help you find the best performing keywords for your business!

Did you know that 65% of small and medium-sized businesses use Google Ads to reach new customers, and users who click on an ad are 50% more likely to be converted into buyers? 

Mobile never really was a channel, as it blurs the distinction between physical and digital worlds. And now, nearly every digital experience is becoming mobile

Did you know that a personalized email is more effective than its neutral equivalent, and generates a 50% higher open rate.

Email Marketing Campaigns

Retain your audience with direct and tailored communication

Do you read the emails and newsletters that arrive in your mailbox? So does your audience. Build loyalty with personalized emailing campaigns! Whether it’s for B2C, B2B or G2C, email marketing campaigns remain a safe bet when it comes to talking face to face with your audience and building loyalty. Whether it’s offering exclusive promotions, informing about your news, or selling your products or services, email marketing is a powerful channel to increase your area of influence.

La niche offers you to target precisely and efficiently the contacts of your database with original and personalized content. From the opening rate to the clicks, each campaign is analyzed and adjusted according to the statistics. Do you have an e-commerce? With the right tools, follow your customer’s shopping journey, from the reception of the emailing to the validation of the user’s cart, without losing any aspect of their digital behavior. La niche provides you with legal support on the GDPR aspect and advises you on the best practices to implement according to the data base you already have.

Tip: Data-Driven Marketing is complementary to online advertising because your data allows you to create personalized messages that are more valuable to your prospects.

Data-Driven Marketing

Monitor and analyze your results to optimize your communication and marketing actions

The power of digital? Influencing its trajectory at every moment. Your results are at the heart of our work, your data is our engine. That’s why we work on Data-Driven Marketing. Tracking, i.e. the personalized follow-up of your visitors’ on-screen behavior, allows you to deploy a flexible and dynamic digital strategy. Understanding where your visitors stop in their buying journey, or optimizing their experience, is part of the right reflexes to acquire to manage your digital activity.

To assist you, La niche sets up customized reports, in the form of customizable and scalable dashboards, created with Google Data Studio. Connected to other tools such as Google Tag Manager or Supermetrics, these dashboards facilitate the collection and analysis of your data and results, their interpretation from several angles, and the highlighting of your KPIs, not to mention measuring your ROI. Our method integrates a regular update of your tool, and facilitates a transparent and collaborative approach.

Did you know that by integrating a Marketing Automation platform, an average of 3 out of 4 companies have benefited from a return on their investment within the first year.

Marketing automation

Optimize your customer relationship with scenarios created to engage your users

Starting from your CRM tool, La niche develops marketing automation strategies that will allow you to easily engage your users with the implementation of dedicated and powerful scenarios. Deploy on-the-fly rich experiences and great customer journeys to boost your customer relationships and interact effectively at each stage of your prospects’ and customers’ journey. Imagine, if for example, your ecosystem could automatically generate and send a follow-up email when one of your users abandons their shopping cart. How convenient would that be?

And if your company or project doesn’t have a CRM tool to manage and optimize your activity and your customer relationship, La niche offers to help you in this strategy and to choose with you, according to your needs, the right tool, such as Hubspot or Overloop, and to implement it within your organization. You are probably already convinced that the growth of your business will inevitably go through digital, it is now time to call a reliable partner who will guide you safely in your digital transformation. What if it was La niche?

The digital marketing team

“Build your digital presence step by step, with relevant and measurable results, constantly guiding you to success.”

Mathieu Bazelaire CEO

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