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Strategy is a means not an end!

The business of tomorrow

Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to predict the results of their business and anticipate bad decisions or unfavorable circumstances? In an ultra-connected digital universe, it is nevertheless allowed to dream and much more: the data from your digital activity, or from the competition, like a new El Dorado, allow you to have a handle on the growth of your business. Whether it’s by better understanding your audience, measuring results, generating leads or creating new opportunities, using the collected data intelligently will give you a competitive and immediate advantage in a fast-moving world.

To succeed in your digital transformation in the long term, it is important to choose the partner who will accompany you in this new challenge. With a business-oriented vision, a proven digital experience, La niche can guide and advise you effectively in the management of your data. And for the implementation of your CRM, know that La niche is a proud official partner of HubSpot.

Personalized monitoring

An asset for managing your activity

One of the strengths of communication in the digital age is that it is possible to influence its trajectory at any time. It is still necessary to have the tools to understand the results and anticipate bad experiences. Tracking, i.e. personalized monitoring of the behavior of your visitors on the screen, allows you to deploy a flexible and dynamic digital strategy.

Just as the web is constantly evolving, your activity is subject to market fluctuations. Set up a precise tracking plan and collect data to analyze movements on your site, measure conversions, or understand the malfunctions of a strategy, will allow you to keep a significant lead in managing your business and create new opportunities.

From analyzing your audience to defining your objectives and KPIs, including compliance with data protection and privacy rules (GDPR), we can work with you to develop a strategy and plan the necessary components for useful and effective tracking. And for the implementation, whether it is Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, conversion pixels or Google events, La niche has sharp, passionate and exciting digital marketing experts, all at the service of your success.

Your Apprehend data

A capital to develop your activity

Sharp and regular monitoring of your data to seize every opportunity.
Tracking and collecting your data is only of real interest if we can draw lessons from it to improve the performance of implemented actions and solutions.

Our role therefore remains essential once your campaigns are published or your site, e-commerce or other solutions put online: give meaning to your data! This is why, in addition to intelligently organizing the collection of your data, we constantly monitor and adjust the implemented actions, thanks to precise monitoring tools, and a systematic analysis of the results.

Ensuring the relevance of your investments and ROI is a mission that we defend on a daily basis at La niche. From the traffic source to your campaign’s performance, our solutions are developed to effectively take advantage of all available marketing tools, and measure their impact at all times, in order to maximize your conversions, the engagement of your audience or your SEO.

Reading and understanding your data allows us not only to react quickly, but also to act proactively to stay focused on your KPIs, the behavior and needs of your users, or on the competition. Our team of analysts performs punctual or regular monitoring in order to make relevant diagnoses to continue to move you in the right direction. So through our recommendations, we can ensure the improvement of your conversion funnel, better qualification of your traffic or even boost lead generation.

Real time monitoring simplified by building a personalized dashboard.
By integrating all your digital communication channels into a single, personalized dashboard, you can monitor and measure in real time the performance of the solutions implemented and the impact of your investments in digital marketing. This dashboard, built with Google Data Studio, allows you to make relevant strategic decisions and with full knowledge of the facts.

User tests don’t stop when put online!
User behavior, habits and expectations change over time. To remain relevant, your digital ecosystem must adapt to it constantly, but not only for these reasons. Your business is also evolving, you are expanding your services, launching a new product, wanting to reach a new target, offering a new competitive advantage… The reasons can be multiple.

In this context, the use of testing proves to be a real asset. Whether through satisfaction surveys directly on your pages, through AB testing, or even mouse tracking, the results of these tests provide more objectivity and limit risks.

User tests are also an adjunct to innovation! Do you want to offer something new on your platform, but are you afraid that it will have too much impact on your results? Test it with a reduced number of users.

Naturally, the results of the tests carried out will be assimilated to our monitoring and will be subject to analysis and recommendations in the same way any other action or monitoring of KPIs.

Therefore, user tests definitely do not stop when they are put online, because it is essential to adapt and innovate, always! Learn more about our user testing methods: see our strategy services.

"Proper digital data tracking and monitoring is today a condition not for growth only but also for survival!"


The smart and complete CRM

Another essential digital component of the growth of your activity, CRM. CRM, or customer relationship management, is a strategic tool for managing a company’s relationships and interactions with its customers or potential customers. A CRM helps you to constantly interact with your customers or prospects and to optimize this process to improve your profitability.

By extension, CRM integrates in addition to contact management, sales, productivity, and much more. It helps with the qualification of your leads, is a support for your sales teams and your conversion. It automates and facilitates a variety of marketing tasks and actions so you can focus on the essentials. It centralizes the management of multiple tools and supports the implementation of an effective inbound strategy. In short, it is a structured and structuring tool for you and your teams.

However, the implementation of such a tool, although really effective, is not an end in itself. It is essential that the latter is configured and adapted according to your business, your needs and your objectives. This is why the establishment of a CRM is, at La niche, an integral part of the strategic thinking of our teams.

At La Niche, we have chosen HubSpot to assist you in your growth. Hubspot is a benchmark solution, recognized, and capable of adapting to the needs of each department of your company. From strategy to its implementation, for your marketing or sales, La niche, official partner of HubSpot, helps you grow with this tool as a foundation.

The intelligence team

“Some say data is the new gold to dig for. But that statement is already outdated!”

Appropriate monitoring and surveillance of digital data is nowadays a condition not only for growth but also for survival. So choose the right pick and know your business. Because the web is not static, because you can always do better than your competitor, because to stay relevant, you have to evolve and adapt quickly and be proactive, always.

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