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A project that suits you

Tailor-made development

Each project is different. Even though most digital projects today rely on similar technical solutions, each of our partners has specific needs and expectations. Our agility allows us to adapt to your requirements.

The universal solution does not exist. Each company has its own process, its own identity and its own expectations. Our mission is to align ourselves with your needs, to achieve together an optimal implementation of the chosen solutions.

From the simplest to the most complex. Whether it is a classic presentation site, a portal with business functionality, dedicated applications or e-commerce platforms, we support you in the creation of a digital project that suits you.

Content management


WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world. Its strengths are undeniable: flexibility, intuitive management and support for a very large community. WordPress is an ideal choice for sites essentially focused on a communication and information mission, or simple capture of lead and prospects.

A tailor-made achievement. Each WordPress project is unique. The pages design making up your website are subject to precise technical cutting, and your content is organized efficiently via the administration system.

Long-term management of your data. We favor the implementation of ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) in order to offer you complete autonomy over your data and a presentation adapted to your needs.

Draconian security. The popularity of WordPress makes it a prime target for intrusion attempts. We therefore select the extensions with great rigor and pay particular attention to their level of security. In addition, we offer you proved protection models against hackers.

Content management


An innovative, solid and versatile open source PHP framework. Emulsion is a framework developed by La niche for 13 years, based on a LAMP-type software architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

An efficient and extensible content management system (CMS). The main strength of the Emulsion framework is to provide an efficient, extensible and multilingual content management system, for which the administration functions are limited to the essentials, but which can be extended according to the specific needs of a project.

Versatility and evolution. The content management system and the relational object mapping make it possible to implement typologies of projects that go beyond a mission of information and communication. The rapid evolution of functionalities and integration with other digital ecosystems are the main characteristics of this framework.

Relational object mapping (ORM). Emulsion is entirely based on relational object mapping (ORM) which makes it possible to implement complex processes by modeling business concepts.

Performance and efficiency. Emulsion has been the subject of technical optimization allowing to offer a high-standard service to end users, with a low consumption of the resources of the hosting infrastructure.

"We support you in your digital expansion, and help you make the choices that will boost your growth."

Content management


Drupal is a robust and popular content management system. A major player in the CMS world, Drupal is distinguished by an architecture based on flexibility.

Taxonomy at the heart of the content. Drupal offers a taxonomy system allowing simultaneous multi-axis classifications, flat, tree, or acyclic graph. These classifications can be supplemented by those of the users.

Suitable for sites offering imposing content. Drupal is an ideal choice for large sites because of its ability to manage large amounts of content and a large number of users, taking advantage of its advanced taxonomy system.

A collaborative infrastructure. The creation of manuals, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and documentation for the use of visitors is greatly facilitated by the organization of the content in a hierarchy allowing a sequential flow of information.

Advanced development technologies

Kameleon, .NET Core & Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A framework designed for large-scale applications. Kameleon is an open source framework developed by La niche since 2014 for the creation of complex applications that emphasize rigor, stability and extensibility. Kameleon is based entirely on .NET Core technology and optimal use of cloud resources, in particular Amazon Web Service (AWS).

Relational object mapping (ORM). The heart of Kameleon is based on a relational object mapping (ORM) whose purpose is the implementation of business processes based on the modeling of business concepts.

Performance and scalability. Kameleon is based on compiled technology, accompanied by “green” programming based on cloud resources – in this case Amazon Web Services (AWS). The performance of the infrastructure supporting the applications can be adjusted as needed.

Stability, rigor and ease. Modeled business concepts form the foundation of applications developed using the Kameleon framework. This approach provides guarantees in terms of rigor and stability on the implemented functionalities. In addition, the excellent readability of the source code produced is a guarantee of additional quality of the resulting application.

Rapid development. Kameleon natively integrates many features often used in this typology of projects: user identification according to the OpenID protocol, monitoring of resources and activities, internationalization, electronic payments, etc. These features are very easy to integrate, at a moderate cost.

Advanced development technologies

React JS

React JS is a state-of-the-art framework for managing user interfaces. Web software platforms which are based on a “Model-View-Controller” (MVC) architecture find in React JS the ideal technology for the “View” part, which makes it a reference in the “Front-End” world.

A component approach. React JS focuses on a component-centric approach, which encapsulates separate technologies (HTML, JavaScript and CSS) for export to other projects that do not alter behavior or style.

Increased performance. A key concept of React JS is the use of a virtual DOM (Domain Object Model) which allows very quick access to the resources of any Internet browser, unlike other similar technologies.

Significant advantages. In addition to growing popularity, React JS is distinguished by a fast learning curve, a very large community, as well as a high readability of the code, considerably increasing the quality of the product code.

Advanced development technologies

React Native

React Native is a framework for creating mobile applications. React Native greatly accelerates the development of mobile applications, which usually is often a very complex operation.

Speed ​​and efficiency. The applications developed in React Native are deployable on Android and iOS and do not suffer from performance loss compared to native mobile technologies (Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android). On the contrary, the development of a React Native application is quite similar to “classic” web programming and therefore offers the same advantages.

Native rendering. The applications that are created on the basis of this technology use the same technological components used by the applications encoded in native languages, which are designed to take advantage of the functionalities specific to the two operating systems.

Easy evolution. Like React JS, React Native is also based on a “component” approach. These are easily testable, interchangeable and reusable, which greatly facilitates the addition of functionality or the implementation of simple modifications.

The development team

“The technical realization of a project is always an exciting and fascinating experience! The articulation and alignment of our specialists and appropriate technologies around clearly identified objectives allow us to put in place effective, innovative and sustainable solutions.”

Our workforce is based on the coordination of our efforts and on the continuous sharing of the know-how and knowledge of our experts. Our multidisciplinary exchanges carried out for each project are in principle part of an approach combining creativity and efficiency, which makes it possible to address many challenges. Quality is at the heart of our approach by the systematic execution of rigorous validation processes.

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