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A creative & collaborative process

There are more ideas in several heads than in just one.

Whatever the nature of your project, we use collaborative creative processes, whether with the client, the designers or the entire agency. We work closely with strategy and development (they are literally our office neighbors) to come up with solutions that are relevant and that suit you. “That suit you” because our primary objective is indeed to create the solution that meets your needs and those of your audience in a relevant way, both visually and strategically. We create designs for people not for designers.

And to achieve this goal, a collaborative approach becomes legitimate and essential whether it is for a website, a graphic identity, or any other solution.

Figma is a collaborative design software that allows you to preview and comment the prototypes during production. We really love collaboration and want you to be a part of the process!

Strategic design

A design that makes sense for you and your audience!

We work closely with the entire team to create unique solutions that will be relevant to your end user. We talk about strategic design because all our choices, both functional and aesthetic, are reflected in your project to achieve this ultimate goal. This way of working allows us to create tailor-made solutions that correspond directly to you and differentiate you from your competition.

Brand design

Everything is branding

A good brand identity can persuade new customers to interact with you, but also convince existing customers to continue your collaboration. It is also an important internal asset that can help build employee engagement and satisfaction. It contributes to increasing the value of your company, both in terms of profit and reputation within your industry or market.

That’s why brand identity is so important, it defines and drives the emotional part of your brand. We continuously strive to create, develop or strengthen the brand image of our clients, making it highly recognizable and unique through all the solutions we offer. This can be done to strengthen the attachment of your customers or to create an emotion that will persuade new customers to collaborate with you.

User experience

A good user experience means results!

The user experience is the overall experience of a person using a product such as a website or application, particularly in terms of ease or pleasure of use. UX is an important part of your company’s brand – it is the interaction that customers have with all areas of your business and therefore determines how they perceive you.

A good user experience is an incredible conversion tool. It’s not enough for part of the user experience to be positive – all interactions with your audience must be positive. And also consistent. By continuously providing a positive user experience, you help to create and strengthen ties with your target audience.

Adobe Creative Cloud, Principle, … We have many more weapons in our sheaths ready to be drawn, with one rule in mind: maintaining consistency no matter the support employed. Wether it be prototyping, animation or print components, your brand will always shine through them.

"We continuously strive to create, develop or strengthen the user experience of your project, making it highly positive and unique through all the solutions we offer"

Maze is a user testing tools we love that turns prototypes into actionable insights from real users. Another way to make sure you’ll feel confident about the designs during the process.

User interface

Increasing awareness

Just as in the user experience, branding is essential in the user interface, but UI design is not limited to colours, typography, buttons and menus; it also concerns the interaction between the user and the application or website, and in some cases, the interaction between several users through this solution. This means that the design of the user interface is not only about the look and feel, but also about how it works. The user interface is therefore intimately linked to the user experience.

A relevant user interface will then enable a positive user experience and you will be able to use the user interface as an additional flow of attraction for your audience and it will be an additional way to increase brand awareness. Combining a strong brand identity, a perpetually positive User Experience and a state-of-the-art User Interface that supports it, will create an effective, relevant and consistent solution for your entire audience.

Motion design

It’s moving faster and faster!

Nowadays, motion design is more and more an integral part of our lives, whether it is in the street, on our mobile phones or on the internet, it is everywhere and more and more present. Whether it is for aesthetic purposes such as the animation of your logo, or more functional, such as the interface animation of your digital solution, motion design is becoming the standard and an indispensable additional asset for an optimal and modern user experience.

We therefore pay particular attention to the potential of motion design in all the solutions we offer. Whether it is for a visual identity or for a digital solution, we propose, when it makes sense, aesthetic and/or functional motion design but always with the aim of optimizing the user experience of your solution. Whether through videos, computer graphics, films or interface animation, we are ready to move with you!

The design team

“A thoughtful, creative and experienced team, ready to energise your project while having as much fun as possible, of course.”

Passionate about creating attractive, exciting and timeless projects. We combines design, creativity and technology to create playful and characterful solutions, carefully crafted with a keen sense of aesthetics.

Arnaud Fontaine Head of design

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