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Create strong links with your community through quality, targeted and engaging communication.

Building loyalty and engaging your community, creating awareness, generating traffic, creating conversions, … these are important issues to give meaning to your communication in an ultra connected world. Be sure to address the right message to the right target with the implementation of solid communication actions.

Thanks to a relevant digital strategy, the creation of quality content, the permanent optimization of your natural referencing, and finally, the regular animation of your social networks, we accompany you on a daily basis by working hand in hand with you, to get the best out of each participant and each solution.

Social network animation

Engage your community actively on all your social networks

Did you know that almost 80% of the European population is on social networks. And more than 40% of users search for information about brands every day.

Your social networks are a showcase… with your users at the forefront! Today, your brand’s user experience starts first and foremost on social networks. That’s why feeding them regularly is essential to engage your target audience with your brand, product or service on a daily basis. 

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, TikTok, Snapchat,… the power and specificities of each of these networks is no longer to be proven. We are experts in the management and activation of social networks. Our communication team knows them inside out and will engage your community by creating meaningful connections with your users. We will create rich experiences and high quality interactions between your fans and your company, on the network of your choice: an impactful format, the ideal tone of voice, the best techniques to attract and speak specifically to your target and develop impactful and adapted messages. 

We analyze your content and your communication actions in order to understand your reality in the field, we set up an editorial calendar that allows for a highly recommended planning and organization, all in permanent collaboration with your team. Because your expertise and ours is the perfect match to achieve the ideal tailor-made Social Media Communication. The secret for an optimal and daily management of your social networks? 3 words: Regularity, Consistency, Quality. 

Content Marketing

Exclusive content to be read and seen

Content is king! It establishes your position as a reference and expert in your business and creates engagement with your community. Exclusive content can also help you create quality and qualified natural traffic to your site, facilitating conversions and lead generation.

Content Marketing is about creating original content that reflects your personality. It is an important strategic issue to gain visibility through your digital ecosystem and spontaneously reach your target.

To help you meet this challenge, our Creative Content Strategists first take the time to listen to you and understand your vision. Then, they write impactful content, with a tone of voice adapted to your audience. 

To ensure that this content gains visibility on search engines more easily, our editorial team integrates by default a SEO reflection on the performing keywords in your sector, including those used by the competition. And if you follow an Inbound Marketing Strategy, you don’t need to be convinced of the importance of regularly feeding your targets with quality content on all your channels. In marketing, it is now a given that investing in content is the most profitable strategy to create traffic and trust towards your company.

Did you know that companies that invest in Inbound Marketing and content creation to retain or convert their leads achieve 50% more sales.

"Réussir une campagne de communication, c’est proposer une approche multi-canaux pertinente avec une stratégie de contenu adaptée pour chaque canal, qu’il soit digital ou non. Pour engager votre communauté et garantir une relation solide sur le long terme, nous nous attachons à amener de la régularité, de la cohérence et de la qualité sur chacune des actions menées."

SEO optimization

Gain visibility on search engines

Did you know that 88% of consumers who have searched for a local business on their smartphone have visited or called it within the same day?

The visibility of your company on search engines, such as Google or Bing, is a reflex that you can no longer ignore for the development of your activities. It is essential that your company appears naturally in the first results for all searches related to your sector or your activity.

Is your natural referencing regularly optimized? Is it up to date with the latest trends and recommendations from Google? From now on, optimize your online presence, and appear at the top of the search results. Don’t forget, the content of your website plays a considerable role in your organic referencing strategy in the face of competition, it must not only seduce and convince your audience, but also meet the quality and relevance requirements targeted by the Google algorithm. Not to mention the technical issues, which are also important.

Our SEO experts know the best tricks to guarantee you a spontaneous natural referencing, and to favor the best search results: Editorial strategy, page optimization and web writing. Finally, we can carry out a complete audit of your SEO, in particular via recognized and powerful tools, such as SEMrush or Google Search Console.

"User experience, after experience, we build your digital architecture to help you achieve your goals."

Mathieu Bazelaire CEO

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