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The City of Namur, a 2.0 campaign to fight against incivilities.

The City of Namur called on La niche to set up a digital campaign to fight against incivilities and raise awareness of administrative sanctions.

The city of Namur, now the regional capital, is the seat of the Walloon Parliament, the Walloon Government and the Walloon Public Service.

The challenge

The City of Namur wanted a communication campaign to fight against incivilities and to raise awareness of administrative sanctions. The challenge? Reach out to young people, draw their attention to incivilities and warn them about potential fines, all without using a moralizing tone, according to the codes of today’s teens. Challenge accepted!

Our digital solution

After several workshops between our team and the team of the City of Namur, a digital strategy is validated. To effectively reach the target, we have to go where they are. 3 social networks are essential to the campaign: Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. To seduce them, only one digital format is obvious: video. By recommending these 3 platforms and this format, we ensure the visibility objective of the City’s campaign.

A Social Media Advertising campaign is set up with a main video and its different variations. Each aspect of incivility is highlighted: cigarette butts, soiling the public highway, drinking alcohol on the public highway, spitting in the street and playing music on a speaker in a public place. A photo shoot is done to capture the different settings. They are then integrated into the main motion design which represents a conversation on a smartphone.

“Thank you for daring to be disruptive in the face of a liner institution. It’s refreshing to think about!”

This motion design is then declined in print format in order to be displayed in appropriate public places: schools, inside TEC buses, places particularly frequented by the young generation,… The 15 – 18 years old being an integral part of this digital campaign, the registration of the City of Namur on TikTok was essential to interact with them. The video made for TikTok is quite different since it responds to the codes of the platform and follows the trends of the moment in order to be in the air of time and hope for a maximum of video views. So we realized a shooting with a young actress who played the game for this video of a few seconds.

The results

A successful bet for this ode to modernism! The campaign, which lasted from September 25 to October 30, 2020, was able to make a name for itself, first among its public, but also in the media and among the Namurians less educated to the digital codes of their younger counterparts, intrigued by the originality of the approach and sensitized to the theme.

A breath of fresh air for the City of Namur, which we are proud to have been able to accompany in this approach for the common good, resolutely modern and offbeat. One more step towards digitalization for this institution that is the City of Namur thanks to this digital presence that revitalizes their identity. The objective of visibility is reached and the team of the City of Namur notices a change of behavior among citizens following the campaign.

  • 462K people reached
  • 857K video views
  • 7,5K video views on TikTok

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