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The passenger at the heart of digital strategy

The TEC, a public transport operator in Wallonia, called on La Niche to reposition their digital service offering for the citizen.

The TEC is the public transport operator of Wallonia and is one of the main players in mobility and economic, social, and sustainable development in Belgium. Bolstered by its 5,200 employees, TEC is a committed company which promotes the daily improvement of the performance, user-friendliness, and sustainability of the public transport offer.

The mission

The TEC is increasingly committed to deploying tools to serve citizens and called upon us to completely redesign their website to match their new brand image and the reality of its ever-more connected users.

The TEC has been undergoing a digital transformation in recent years, and the redesign of their website is at the heart of this strategy. The mission was ambitious and exciting: to help TEC develop and design an ecosystem which could integrate all its services.


Our digital solution

At La Niche, we often make our clients aware of the fact that a website must have a specific objective. Interactive, inspiring, and easy experiences are essential in order to provide added value and engage users. In this case, the rebranding of the website was a clear request from the client, but above all we wanted to make it an effective tool.

Infotec.be was redesigned as letec.be, a new mobile-friendly platform which meets today’s standards and enables multimodal route searches and better real-time information and personalised services, all in a very intuitive manner. This new website is at the heart of their digital ecosystem, complementing the mobile application in a coherent manner and reinforcing their online presence. 


We appreciated the contribution of the Niche teams at the UX/UI level and also their design skills, which have enabled us to modernise our site and greatly improve navigation for our customers.

Meeting the multiple needs of passengers

The TEC has 500,000 regular users. Their website needs to provide a seamless experience for users on the go, despite the large volume of connections. Peak demand occurs mainly during disruptions (accidents or strikes) and during the school year, when students go back to school and book their new season tickets.

This was a major mission, and we worked closely with TEC’s internal IT teams to complete it.  They provided us with all the required APIs route calculation, timetable display, traffic information, subscription management and numerous fares – and host the solution on their own premises.

The result

We designed, produced, and deployed a website which meets the specific needs of the TEC, combining ease of use with a lightweight design. We managed the entire project from conception to user testing, including ergonomics, design, and a part of the development process. The challenge was met with flying colours and the result is a great success.

  • 500K 500 000 utilisateurs réguliers
  • 100 une centaine de pages présentant l’offre de service global du TEC

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