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The SPW, digital inclusion at the heart of an awareness campaign

In the digital age, more and more people are using their phones, computers and other digital tools to go online. However, a large proportion of the population of Wallonia has difficulty using or accessing digital technology.

The role of the Service Public de Wallonie (SPW) is to implement the policy decided by the Walloon Government. But also to put in place tools to help Walloon citizens reduce the digital divide, for example.

The challenge

The aim is a major one: to help reduce the digital divide in Wallonia.
Supporting citizens in this digital transition through a number of support centres and a huge amount of awareness-raising, whether on social networks or through the display tools that have been put in place. A huge number of Walloon citizens are experiencing problems with their online procedures and digital tools.

This can lead to social and professional disconnection, frustration and even unjustified guilt.
How can we raise awareness of the digital divide?
The ambition of the SPW, in partnership with the Agence du Numérique, is to create a strong common brand image, raise awareness of digital support centres in Wallonia and, lastly, publicise the 14 projects in the Walloon digital inclusion plan.

The brand had to be expressed in a language that was accessible and easy to understand for a public that was far removed from the digital world and sometimes even had difficulty with the French language.

The identity had to be inspired by both Wallonia’s graphic charter and the graphic charter of the Agence du Numérique, the two partners behind the Digital Inclusion Plan.

The identity had to be adaptable to different projects / different players, in particular the EPNs, Digistart and the online mapping of digital support centres.

And via communication campaigns on social networks. Reaching out to several audiences. First of all, people with digital difficulties, their families, front-line contacts and, finally, carers and future digital carers.

“La Niche appealed to us because it understood the philosophy behind the whole Digital Inclusion Plan and translated it visually.
So it was a no-brainer for us.

Because this is an ambitious project, involving not only us, the public services, but also a large number of partners active in the Digital Inclusion Plan (associations, local authorities, EPNs, CPASs, training centres, etc.), the requirements were quite high and the number of tools to be created substantial in order to meet the various needs. “

A campaign serving Walloon citizens

We established together with the SPW teams a graphic charter through various workshops and we visually transcribed the philosophy that drives the whole Digital Inclusion Plan through a graphic charter and its application on several media such as the website ( psst, here and the various prints at events, for example.

When we created the charter, we put in place a wide range of tools (website, posters, flyers, banners, roll’ups, etc.) to create a real brand image shared by all the Walloon digital inclusion operators, making them more easily identifiable in the eyes of the target audience.

Campaigns on social networks have enabled us to communicate this vision to different audiences: “OSONS”.

The real aim is not to leave these people alone to face up to their difficulties with digital uses, but to make them understand that they can get help and support, and that help exists everywhere in Wallonia to support them in this digital transition.

The results

The awareness campaign was a success! The campaign reached out to the general public with a unifying, positive message that breaks down all barriers for people in difficulty. The message was visible everywhere, via different channels and formats.

This project was run by SPW Emploi Formation, in partnership with ADN, as part of the Wallonia Recovery Plan.

  • 4 Video spots
  • +17 Different supports
  • +1 million People reached through social networks

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