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2.0 Motor Show

At the end of 2020, Renault and Dacia call on us for a major challenge. The Motor Show must take place, health crisis or not. Together, let’s make innovation shine through a virtual Motor Show, despite the crisis.

Renault and Dacia are iconic brands, an international group, a human and industrial adventure, with a common mission: to make mobility sustainable and accessible to all.

The challenge

In 2021, the covid-19 did not spare the appointment of car lovers, and like many other popular events, the Motor Show had to keep the doors closed. Renault and Dacia want to react and offer the public an easy and practical customer experience. The two brands mobilized and asked us to intervene in order to create a unique experience: virtually reproduce the experience of the Auto Show.

The stakes were high and the challenge exciting: we were two months away from the show. We created a digital platform in record time, which allowed for conversion optimization. The site is designed as a complete interactive experience. The result is a simple and immersive experience for the public to discover their latest innovations. The results are convincing and the site meets the ambition.

Our digital solution

We were inspired by the key visuals, the codes retained for each range and each vehicle model. We quickly created an experience adapted to its audience: a platform that allows you to experience the Car Show 2.0 and discover the Renault range. A similar experience was also created for Dacia.

In the customer journey, the common thread is the use of 3D. It is essential because it is intended to promote the immersion of the public. The mobile experience imposes challenges that we have taken up: a small screen size and a use mainly in portrait mode. Each car model rendering is photorealistic, the colors, materials and textures are faithful to the originals.

Interface, interaction, optimization

In parallel to the 3D production, we must consider how to interact with the platform itself. It is essential to allow it to be used by the greatest number of people. A team work between designers and developers is realized. It aims to optimize the visuals and transitions between scenes. We ensure a very qualitative responsive dynamic and maintain an aesthetic consistency in accordance with the guidelines of the client.

A well-oiled machine

This project represents a major technical challenge. But it is also an effective collaboration between the marketing teams of Renault Luxembourg, the digital studio of the Renault group, the agencies AB-Arts (for the 3D modeling), Rise+Shine (for the implementation of the CRM) and La niche. It is the joint efforts of this great team that allow this platform to be launched in less than 2 months.

Results that measure up

The two showrooms will open their virtual doors at the beginning of January and offer visitors the opportunity to discover the new Renault and Dacia products. The customer benefits from an experience that allows intuitive, accessible and fluid navigation.

The KPI’s are in line with the quality of the experience, with visit times 3 times higher than usually recorded. The experience meets all the expectations of visitors in their consideration phase, whether on mobile or desktop.

Our primary objective was obviously conversion. We defined precise Call To Actions in this sense, which we analyzed and followed closely throughout the show, with quick adaptations when necessary.

Unfortunately, the Motor Show was cancelled, but it was a step forward for the digitalization of these two brands, which dared to innovate in the midst of a health crisis, thus proposing a brand image that is in tune with the times and offering a unique experience to its public.

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