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KIKK Festival, a meeting between innovation and marketing

Like every year, the KIKK Festival team is back in force in October for a new edition of this unmissable event. The European elite of innovation, design and digital is present. To promote the event to the right people and to convert to the purchase of a pass, the KIKK trusted us! Let’s go !

Founded in Namur in 2011, the ASBL KIKK is involved in the construction of bridges and crossings in the fields of art, science, culture and technology. KIKK transforms space, densifies it. With a free spirit and a crazy audacity, KIKK stands between technological innovation and creativity, and refreshes the foundations of an economy to be reinvented. KIKK is a cosmic vessel that organises events, accompanies the production of artistic works and participates in the emergence of new projects.

The challenge

KIKK’s request is simple: to sell the festival tickets. 3 types of tickets: the Thursday/Friday conference combo, the KIKK in town and the Workshop Kids. 4 different audiences must be reached and converted: the family audience with children, the exhibition and innovation audience, the more informed B2B audience and finally, the more precise and niche professional audience. Their objective is clear and strict, both in terms of number of tickets and timing. We accept this challenge!

Our tailor-made digital solution

Our digital marketing team sets up a strategy of campaigns, audiences and budget on the most relevant platforms to reach the target audiences: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. We plan conversion campaigns starting from very generic to very targeted content. We started to promote the festival as a whole, and ended up with very specific highlights, and therefore cut the programme according to the targets. As time went on, the closer we got to the event, the more we refined the content strategy to achieve qualitative conversions. 

The programme includes a variety of content for a campaign that never tires of its audience: photos, videos, stories, testimonials, carousels, etc. We have chosen to highlight both the programme and the guest speakers of the festival, as well as the organizers of the event. Laura Latour, Festival Director, and Marie du Chastel, Artistic Director of ASBL KIKK, participated in the creation of the content, in unfiltered videos where they address the target audience directly, in order to humanize the international event and to make the public aware of their involvement and passion. In a second step, we also retargeted interested profiles through a successful remarketing strategy. 

“The La Niche teams quickly identified our objectives and proposed a clear and detailed strategy to achieve them.

Throughout the collaboration, we were able to count on the expertise and sound advice of a team that listens, reacts, and offers fair and relevant solutions. During these months of collaboration, we worked hand in hand to make our event a success. This has saved us precious time and has undoubtedly contributed to the success of KIKK Festival 2022. “

The results

The campaign started in June and ended at the end of October. The festival is approaching, the campaign is coming to an end, and the goal has been reached. Yay! 

The collaboration went very well, our team and the KIKK team worked hand-in-hand for this campaign: regular alignment, sharing of ideas and weekly optimization. 

  • 100% of the tickets sold for the whole pro part
  • 20 000 people joined us for the 11th edition of the KIKK Festival
  • 140 175 screenings for the family audience
  • 1 298 371 screenings for the professional and amateur public
  • 112 266 clicks to the landing page

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