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From CMI to John Cockerill, through their digital platforms.

Driven since 1817 by the entrepreneurial spirit and thirst for innovation of its founder, the John Cockerill group develops large-scale technological solutions to meet the needs of modern times. With more than 6000 employees, John Cockerill achieved a turnover of 1.3 billion euros in 2018.

In parallel with the global rebranding of the group, we have creatively digitalized the new identity to the entire John Cockerill ecosystem.

A brand new wordpress site adapted to the brand identity system

As part of the group’s global rebranding, we developed a functional yet inspiring, sustainable website in line with the new brand identity concept.
We have optimized the information architecture to facilitate the presentation of this multinational company’s many businesses.
This new website was one of the cornerstones of this huge and sprawling project.

John Cockerill office

“Adaptability, flexibility, speed… Everything becomes possible with a team like La niche… And what’s more, with a smile! Thank you.”

John Cockerill people

An annual report tailored to the John Cockerill group and its new strong vision

The creation of a digital annual activity report is a key moment in the life of every company, especially if it is listed on the stock exchange.
We have created an impactful website to effectively and positively communicate the vision and direction of the group and its results worldwide.

At the end, inspirational and functional platforms affirming the values of a totally renewed group

A coherent and well structured digital ecosystem, attractive and evolving. Supporting the values ​​and results of the company throughout the world, via an annual report up to the company’s ambition.

Is it necessary to specify that we have paid special attention to safety, performance and referencing?

  • +1 year collaboration
  • 650k pageviews/year
  • +160k new visitors/year

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