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A strong identity with multiple applications and media

Jack is the first solution which addresses the problem of rising windshield maintenance costs. It offers a very straightforward lever to fleet managers to reduce glass-related expenses and TCO.

A product of this quality must have a strong identity that best communicates the values and vision of the brand, expressing its unique personality. Based on this foundation, we were able to create a set of communication tools, both online and phygital.

A simple and strategically relevant idea

The concept is simple, having a direct visual link with the idea of a path to put the brand in context. Red to blue to go from the problem to the solution and of course, create with the symbol the letter “J”. But not only, because you can find all the letters of jack in this symbol.

The workshop highlighted two opposites, the expert side (AGC) and the flexibility of the solution. So we chose a strong and well-established typography to bring the expertise to a very flexible symbol.

From Digital to Phygital at 360°

Following the visual identity, we developed a site to present the values, mission and key performance indicators of the product. Parallel to this we also created an interactive demonstrator to explain the product in a simple and immersive way.

For these different applications, we have created illustrations aligned with the visual identity that explains the different key steps of the system. But we also created print ads, icons, animated banners and support for the demonstrator. A real 360° project.

“From concept to implementation, it’s so nice to be able to do everything with a single agency!”

And to match with the new brand, a brand new website.

Icing on the cake, we had the opportunity to craft a website to cover all the needs AGC Jack has and will have in the foreseable future.

The IOT sector is a crowded place and it was crucial to make sure that the AGC Jack’s website would fit and stand out if you looked at the whole picture. From a carefully selected photography to honor Jack’s strong visuals to a modern and minimalistic UI layout, we put special care and attention to details during the design phase. Last but not least, the website is CMS based, ensuring full modularity and flexibility at any time.

The result is a unique, strong and coherent visual identity that perfectly reflects the values of the brand. All in record time!

The digital tools and the visual system put in place allow the creation of a simple and directly recognizable brand. An indispensable requirement given the large number of different applications.

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