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The FLW, digitizing phone calls

The Walloon Housing Fund, overwhelmed by the number of daily calls, called upon our agency La Niche to create an online credit simulator, in order to respond more quickly and efficiently to its clients’ requests.

The Walloon Housing Fund and its 180 employees share a common goal: to help large families in Wallonia acquire and renovate their homes. From the inventory of fixtures, through the implementation of works, to the granting of social credits and budget management from the moment of moving in, the FLW facilitates the steps of the owners and of the requesting families.

A digital redesign 

The main mission? The development of an online credit simulator. Indeed, the FLW teams were overwhelmed by the number of daily calls. The quality of their service was directly impacted. The urgency was there: to propose to their future customers a first step on line in order to filter the calls and thus propose a better service.

Our technical team redesigned the entire Fonds du Logement website by developing a custom WordPress site and offering an interface more adapted to its users. A FAQ and a ChatBox directly connected to HubSpot were also implemented on the site, these features allowing users to find answers to their possible questions quickly and easily.

La niche also managed the entire content aspect of this project. Rewriting the entire text, managing, integrating and updating the digital content, and finally managing and organizing the shooting of the video clips were important missions.

The FLW teams being strangers to WordPress, they were trained by us to use the tool for a better handling of their content in the long term.

Development and efficiency

The development of the simulator was a real challenge for our technical team. Their priority was on the user experience, so that it would be as pleasant as possible and that each case, each situation, each client, would be able to recognize himself and feel concerned and considered when filling in the online form.

Indeed, visitors wishing to make an appointment with the Housing Fund are now invited to use the simulator. This one answers all the different possible cases and allows to have an overview of the loan capacity, the rate and the amount of the future repayments. It also filters calls since only conclusive simulations lead to an appointment. These appointments, which can now be made within a week at the latest, mostly lead to the opening of a file, proof of the simulator’s effectiveness.

“By all accounts, the pressure has largely subsided: the time to get an appointment has dropped from several weeks to a few days, and the majority of those appointments are now for real estate projects.”

Since the launch of the new version of their website, the Walloon Housing Fund has recorded nearly 15,000 visits per month for nearly 8,000 distinct users. More than half of the traffic on the site was acquired thanks to content specifically optimized for natural referencing by our SEO specialists.

Considering where the users come from, the interface proves to be just as functional and convenient on mobile as on computer.

The Niche is proud to have collaborated with FLW services. The collaboration between our teams was fruitful: with a very regular follow-up and a good digital understanding from the client, the objectives were largely achieved.

  • 60% Mobile users
  • +7200 interactions initiated
  • 5000 simulations/month

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