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Focusing on strengths and communicating for a group of four entities

Eloy, a company setting the benchmark in construction and water treatment, approached us 3 years ago to help them develop their website but also support them with their digital transformation and their communications on this new platform.

Our task was to work out how to present and bring the group’s four separate entities together on a single practical and user-friendly website. We work-shopped the task, providing a simple solution and customized content for each profile.

A strategy for effective SEO

By having a different website for each of its entities, Eloy group was watering down its online impact. We reviewed the strategy as a whole, and brought the four websites together into one single site. Each entity has its own landing page, but grouping these together on a single site showcases the group as a whole, making it irrefutably stronger. This strategy is enabling Eloy to considerably boost its SEO ranking.

Eloy Immo

Eloy also has a fully fledged real estate entity. When you choose Eloy Immo, you choose peace of mind, high-quality property, a pleasant environment and a serious partner. To convey these values to potential clients, we designed a website with the same qualities and implemented creative, strategic communication to provide the best possible support for their digitalisation: local, targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google Ads have helped them really take off, soaring into new world version 4.0.

Eloy Béton

To get away from the cold, grey world of concrete, we designed and created a mascot to embody the brand: a Transformers-style figure that turns from a cement truck into a human-like character, subtly bringing a friendly, human dimension to the company. A motion design was also created to bring this character to life and showcase the quality of the firm’s concrete.

  • +200% Unique visitors / month
  • 4y The Eloy Group has been trusting La niche for 4 years.

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