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Eloy Water, the quality choice

With the arrival of summer, our partner Eloy Water called on us to set up a digital communication campaign to raise awareness of the importance of rainwater and to convert its future customers to the purchase of a cistern.

Active since 1965, the Belgian company Eloy Water is specialized in wastewater treatment and rainwater harvesting, both for individuals and communities. Eloy Water draws from the roots of the Eloy group the values that guide its activity: respect, involvement, agility, team spirit and continuous improvement. Eloy Water’s network of specialized distributors and partners, present in 35 countries, offers its customers a local commercial and technical service.

The challenge

The problem is clear and concerns everyone: water is an abundant resource but drinking water is scarcer and more precious. This scarcity will increase in the years to come. It is therefore necessary to protect the resource by reserving drinking water for noble applications, food and hygiene. What does Eloy Water propose? An alternative to harvest rainwater for uses such as watering the garden, filling the pool or washing cars.

La Niche is challenged to raise awareness of this issue among 3 audiences: Belgium, France and Martinique. 3 populations for which the approach is radically different, where the issue is different for each country. The product is not glamorous but it is useful, even essential, and the customer is passionate. So… Challenge accepted.

Our tailor-made digital solution

In order to meet Eloy Water’s precise and specific needs, i.e. to communicate its product as well as its values, our digital Social Media Advertising strategy was directed towards traffic campaigns and conversion campaigns on a single channel, the one where the large target audience to be reached and converted is located, Facebook. It is always relevant to launch a conversion campaign in parallel with a traffic campaign in order to compare the functioning of Facebook’s algorithms on the same audience.

The strategy is twofold. First, create a context and make the user aware of his or her involvement and the ecological stakes of water management. Then, present the product and its advantages as a solution.

A successful campaign also means targeting the right audience. We carried out a personalized and particularly advanced audience strategy in order to reach a public that had recently moved and therefore potentially needed to install a new rainwater tank.

The 3 audiences being very different, namely Belgium, France and Martinique, we had carried out an important content strategy, a consequent research of relevant images, so that each user identifies with the campaign that corresponds to him. Our design team also worked on this project in order to adapt the visuals according to the customs of each country but also the formats, image, video or motion design depending on the destination.

The challenge was great, the stakes were high. We therefore proposed to Eloy Water to set up an AB testing phase on the copywriting aspect:

The purpose?

Making the most of the campaigns, optimizing them according to the audience’s affinity with the main catchphrase and getting the best possible results and conversions. Throughout the campaign, we worked on impactful editorial content, with strong terms that raised awareness and directly incited the user to action: “Become an environmental actor”.

And because a digital campaign goes beyond advertising, we propose to Eloy Water to create the landing page for a customized user experience. We develop 3 landing pages, one for each country, which are an integral part of the campaign and which allow us to better control user behavior, better data management and therefore more qualitative results. The latter include a simulator to know one’s water consumption and therefore the appropriate tank for one’s lifestyle. At the client’s request, we have developed a landing page that they can use in the future.

 The results

In order to measure results daily and optimize the campaign in real time, we developed a detailed Data Studio dashboard, displaying campaign tracking, conversions and user behavior. A real tool that Eloy Water’s marketing team used a lot.

Thanks to this tool, we were able to notice during the campaign that few users were going to the end of the simulator. We were therefore able to react quickly and adapt the simulator by rewording the copy and changing the mandatory information, such as the telephone number, which became optional. The campaign met the client’s expectations, resulting in numerous requests for simulations and contacts for the purchase of a tank. Visibility and retention objectives were met.

  • 16 677 landing page views
  • 393 conversions
  • 304 simulation requests

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