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A mobile-first eshop for an education in the spirit of the times

Created by UCLouvain in 1985, CLL combines competence, seriousness and innovation in the organisation of language training for adults, children and teenagers, companies and international institutions.

We have created a mobile-first platform for the sale of online language courses. Our aim is to present a very dense offer, optimize conversion and facilitate the choice of courses for different target audiences : children, adults, and professionals.

A simple and effective e-commerce for an easy and enjoyable user experience

In addition to being an optimal channel for student enrolment, e-commerce, based on our open-source Emulsion solution, enables CLL to manage all its products efficiently via permanent synchronization with their CRM.

The intelligent filter search engine allows the visitor to find in a few clicks the most suitable course according to his language, his location, or his motivation.

“A professional team that guides us efficiently in the setting up of our new site by taking into account the specificities of our offer.”

A simple and relevant visual language for the digital sales service.

For both the textual information and the visual aspect, we have put in place a clear and simple way to get the essential messages across.

In collaboration with the CLL, we applied a simple but coherent design system of photos and illustrations with an emphasis on the human side.

  • 8y year collaboration
  • +10k pages
  • 3500 annual purchases

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