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Highlight the quality of the public service, at the heart of all exchanges with businesses.

AWEX is the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency. Their agents are active around the world to provide the necessary help to Walloon and foreign companies. They have a huge amount of information and actions to share with businesses.

From exports to imports to student programs, visitors need to understand what they can expect from AWEX. We have reworked their digital eco-system to make all services accessible through a harmonious platform, like a single brand.

Optimize Access to High-value Information

We focus on information architecture, efficient search engine and multiple direct access. Our task is to help users find the most accurate content quickly, without having to go through fifteen thousand pages.

Through an in-depth understanding of the structure and roles of AWEX agents, combined with our focus on the user experience, we have developed a set of classifications to bring the user directly to the right contact.

“We have been working with La niche for several years for our websites. Creativity, advice and efficiency are the key words of this collaboration!”

Efficiently Spread Visits Over Multiple Platforms

Our multi-site CMS based on our Emulsion framework provides a comprehensive tool for the entire AWEX ecosystem.

Finally, we constantly work with AWEX to analyze traffic and user experience (with Hotjar for instance), and implement updates to tailor the site to the latest trends and technologies.

  • 5Y years collaboration
  • +15k pages
  • +200k users by year

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