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The AVIQ, vaccination at the heart of an unique campaign

It’s December 2020 and the epidemic situation persists. Vaccination against Covid-19 is about to take place. The Brussels authorities, the Covid-19 Task Force, the Walloon authorities, the SPW and the Walloon Agency for Quality of Life (AVIQ), have decided to launch a communication campaign to encourage the population to get vaccinated. To meet this exceptional mission, La niche is the ideal partner, capable of providing the right mix of skills.

The ambition of the Walloon Agency for Quality of Life (AVIQ) is to provide each Walloon citizen with answers adapted to his or her needs in terms of assistance, support, well-being and health, to enable him or her to lead a quality life, while simplifying procedures and ensuring the improvement of the quality of its services.

The challenge

The challenge is huge: to develop a positive communication campaign in a hyper-polarized public debate, to reassure the citizen without being condescending, to reach out to all segments of the population and therefore to multiply the contents and approaches. For La Niche, the scope of the campaign and the resulting responsibility towards citizens is totally unprecedented.

The campaign follows the news closely, with intense peaks and expectations among the population that are very varied. In short, we have to juggle all this. To enable everyone to return to a normal life, our objective is clear: to try to raise awareness of vaccination despite an explosive context.

Empowering the citizen with the right message

To find the right message and encourage vaccination, La niche has chosen a starting point: not to impose anything on the population. We need to make citizens responsible, to give them the keys to make the right decisions. Our goal? To guide them so that they understand what is at stake and that they can make an informed and responsible decision regarding vaccination. So that they in turn become the most convinced and convincing of ambassadors.

The message of the campaign should illustrate why it is useful to be vaccinated for a better future: “For tomorrow, I vaccinate myself”. It will then be adapted to suit different situations and targets and to represent all segments of the population. This is done without ever being authoritative or moralising.

A global, multi-channel campaign

The current situation requires La niche to set up a campaign that constantly adapts the communication strategy to the different target groups in order to ensure that vaccination is a long-term process. It starts in January 2021, spreads over many months and accelerates with the rhythm of Codeco. The pace is frantic, the team is on the alert. The niche sets up a War Room, a team entirely dedicated to the project and available at all times.

In constant consultation with the AVIQ, the agency is developing a global campaign: video capsules and testimonials, podcasts, TV spots, influencer marketing, actions in the field, digital presence, crisis communication, etc. It will be divided into different phases, with targets that evolve as they do so. The tone of voice will be constantly adapted, as will the channels, approaches and formats.

Various spots are produced and broadcast on television and in cinemas (notably visible on television during Euro 2021). They play on emotion and hope: projecting towards the day when everyone will FINALLY be able to remove their mask thanks to vaccination. Another spot will be shot in which different influencers (artists, sportsmen and scientists) each mention why they think it is important to get vaccinated.

In February 2021, an impactful and visual website will be designed and produced by La Niche: www.jemevaccine.be. It echoes the strategy put in place and serves as a destination for the campaign. This is where citizens can find the necessary and reassuring information, and where they can make an appointment to be vaccinated. Its content is constantly updated (vaccination centers, news, information on vaccines, phasing, side effects, FAQs, figures, etc.).

The comedian Kody, Eden Hazard, the influencer Silent Jill, the radio host David Antoine, the singers Kid Noize, Henri PFR, Blanche or Alice on the Roof… The niche organizes a “planning influencers”. These personalities all contribute to the vaccination campaign. Our main target: the general public, but especially young people and social networks.

Several types of capsules are produced. Some with well-known personalities, others more educational, with doctors and scientific experts explaining the stakes of vaccination. The video has an obvious importance in this kind of campaign: on the one hand, the scientific professional who reassures, on the other hand, the citizen who testifies and creates proximity.

The rest of the campaign is punctuated by multiple actions targeting all segments of the population. La niche works at a fast pace to adapt to each situation and to be present on many digital and non-digital channels simultaneously: to talk to young people, we collaborate with circles and campuses to find the right words and succeed in the challenge of talking about vaccination without getting young people drunk. The Niche also coordinates urban poster campaigns (TEC bus wraps, clean tags, face2face posters in bars and restaurants, airports, supermarkets, hospitals, vaccination centers, etc.) with visuals that are regularly adapted according to needs, targets and vaccination phases. Finally, in collaboration with the Samu Social and other associations in the field, La niche produces posters and brochures in 13 languages for the underprivileged. These are people living in the Brussels region and in Wallonia who are homeless or in a poor housing situation.

A multi-episode educational podcast is put together by The Niche. They are filmed and broadcast on Spotify, Deezer and Apple, among others, and feature influencers and scientific experts. Each episode lasts about 40 minutes and deals with the subject of vaccination in depth. Influencers ask their Tiktok and Instagram communities about their questions about vaccination in advance. The niche manages all the organization and content writing.

Campaigns on social networks are carried out continuously with messages and formats adapted to reach each of the targets, all on numerous channels: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Tinder, Happn.

Radio spots are set up and coordinated by La Niche at each new period marked by the news.

The results

Keeping up with the pace, maintaining a motivated team, responding to changing news: a successful bet!

We worked closely with the AVIQ and took charge of this gargantuan campaign from A to Z. The campaign was able to adapt and address all citizens in a complicated context and a growing weariness. It was visible everywhere, via different channels and formats. It reached the general public with positive, reassuring and encouraging messages. We are proud to have accompanied the authorities in this totally unprecedented initiative for the common good.

  • 9,5M page views on the site
  • 2,3M website's users
  • + 3,9M visits to the website
  • 259k interactions via les réseaux sociaux
  • 14M interactions via social networks
  • 84% of adults vaccinated in Wallonia

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