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Consuming better thanks to digitalization

The APAQ-W (Walloon Agency for the Promotion of Quality Agriculture) called on La Niche for two digital promotion projects: #jecuisinelocal (#icooklocally) and #jejardinelocal (#igardenlocally), both engaged and engaging hashtags. 

The APAQ-W (Agence Wallonne pour la Promotion d’une Agriculture de Qualité [Walloon Agency for the Promotion of Quality Agriculture]), is a public organisation whose mission is to promote the image of agriculture, horticulture and its products, as well as to enhance the image of local producers. To accomplish this mission, APAQ-W carries out a series of actions in close collaboration with producers and associations representing them, aiming to promote the quality of Walloon products and the know-how of producers.

The challenge

It’s more than just a trend! Many of us are now seeking to give meaning to consumption and are increasingly turning to local and sustainable solutions. Moreover, the Covid crisis has meant that the consumption of food products in short circuits is appealing to a growing number of consumers. Proximity has become an underlying value of consumption. 

APAQ-W wanted to respond to this basic trend with the #jecuisinelocal and #jejardinelocal campaigns. Their goal: to be guaranteed direct contact with consumers, who are made aware of the need to adopt quality food habits – in particular through favouring short circuits and rational consumption.

Our tailor-made digital solution

La Niche intended to help APAQ-W to stand out and to reach its objectives through a reinforced digital presence. We thus supported them in the creation of a new website, a mobile webapp, and the creation of a geolocation tool for producers, with the whole being accompanied by an adapted digital campaign strategy. 

As we know, regardless of the medium, awareness raising alone sometimes has its limits. Faced with the growing importance of over-consumption, we wanted to offer a tailor-made, simple and effective solution to enable everyone to locate nearby producers wherever they might be, and thus enjoy local, delicious consumer products. What makes it special? We make this tool accessible via a PWA (Progressive Web App), a light and intuitive mobile app which requires no installation!

A modern and engaged website! In order to meet the visibility requirements of the project, the best response was to turn the existing charter into a coherent and assertive graphic system. This was translated into high typographic ratios to highlight the conveyed ideas; well-crafted and impactful visuals; and a special focus on accessibility so that every citizen could enjoy a unified experience and a high-performance, high-added-value localisation tool.

"Successful and positive collaboration with a dynamic, responsive, imaginative team which listens and always provides the right advice."
Isabelle Tasiaux
Ornamental Horticulture Attaché

Local know-how just a click away

With this same approach in mind, #jejardinelocal was created and references horticulturists, nurserymen, florists, and garden contractors. The website allows you to get in touch with the professionals in the Walloon horticulture sector closest to you with the same location system as #jecuisinelocal.

Once the latter was developed, we moved to the communication of this project with the slogan “Let’s plant locally and in season”, which was specially designed for nurserymen. We then produced content by making the campaign’s flagship video. We called on qualified influencers who were sensitive to this cause. We ran Social Ads campaigns for several weeks in order to give the website better visibility. 

The campaign was rolled out in two stages. Firstly, by making the public aware of the talent of local horticulturists and nurserymen: their know-how and advice are the best allies for a quality green relaxation experience in the garden. 

In a second phase, we set up a competition to win a voucher for the nursery of your choice and a seasonal calendar which our teams designed and produced. Thanks to this system, consumers know when to go to their favourite horticulturist to obtain the plants they need.  

When we know that 90% of consumers expect brands to make commitments towards better consumption, working with APAQ-W was an obvious choice. We worked with a digitally-mature client who accepted our expertise and had a pragmatic outlook. This led to the success of these two projects, which conveyed a fundamental message which is today more relevant than ever.

  • 1000 points of sale in Wallonia and Brussels.
  • 10889 citizens have committed themselves by signing an online charter.
  • + 8000 downloads in 5 months

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