Backend .Net Core Developer

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Contact us if:

You are passionate about the digital industry and its continuous evolution.

The .NET Core framework, the C# language, API creation through ASP.NET Core, database design, Entity Framework Core technology and the use of Cloud Computing services have no secrets for you.

Let’s meet if:

You have a good overview of new technologies and are always up to date with the latest trends.

As a team player, you love to work hand in hand with your partners, so that every project is a team success.

When faced with potential problems, you are imaginative and responsive to solve them as quickly as possible.

Your mission:

Jira, Confluence, you can’t imagine your week without relying on your tools to keep everyone informed of your progress and to take the appropriate measures to obtain the required level of quality.

Communication is key! You are able to align yourself with the Product Manager and the production team to achieve the goals of the project in an atmosphere of trust and cooperation.

The end-user is at the center of your concerns! You are able to challenge ideas and concepts in order to find, together with the whole team, realistic solutions in line with our customers’ budgets.

We offer you:

Many new challenges in the development of complex, but creative and innovative digital solutions.

An exciting collaboration and most likely a few jokes after work with a passionate and talented pack.

The opportunity to work with our ambitious clients and a growing list of international clients.

Most importantly: you get to choose your own dog name! You’ll just have to look a little bit, there are starting to be a lot of us 😉

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