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After a 2021 that was packed full of digital projects and exciting challenges, la niche is continuing to grow. For 2022, the two buzzwords at the agency are: accelerate and strengthen. To do this, it’s time for something new…a brand new face heading up the commercial department! Find out how one of the founders of Ogone is coming here to shake up our approach to clients.

Meet Xavier, our new Head of Client Success! Sometimes you never know what life has in store for you – well, now it has given us Xavier! An expert on the digital world and on innovation, with a passion for the start-ups universe, it’s at la niche that he’s choosing to put into action years of knowledge, a modern vision, and efficient mechanisms.

Xavier has a 20-year career behind him and can point to an impeccable track record, with plenty of success stories and fulfilling experiences around the world. They say that some people can just never get enough…well, Xavier certainly fits into that category! He is setting himself a challenge: to join la niche and focus on the opportunities that the Sales and Business Development sides of the business have to offer.

In 2022, la niche is setting off in a new direction! Xavier isn’t selling services – he’s offering a team, a corporate culture, a mindset, competencies, talented individuals; he’s offering all the things that make la niche stand out from the crowd, and all the very best that it can give you. He is providing concrete solutions to problems, so as to make every partner happy ❤️.

Getting back to his career path. At the dawn of the 2000s, Xavier was at Abssys Consulting, where he put the sales and marketing department in place. Abssys Consulting went on to become Ogone, an online payment platform. This Belgian success story, acquired in 2013 by Ingenico, went on, in 2020, to join Worldline, Europe’s number one provider of payment services and the fourth biggest market player in the world. There, Xavier was appointed head of commercial development, first at national level, then at European level and finally for the whole world.

Xavier hails from Brabant Walloon, but is now a Namurian in spirit. A few years ago, his intuition and passion guided him towards Business Development, so that he could support startups and other young ‘diamonds in the rough’ to grow, both on the financial front and on the marketing front, or even in terms of human resources.

It was the corporate culture at la niche that won me over.
For me, that’s very important, and I really identify with it.



In keeping with the tradition at la niche, Xavier chose a dog’s name for himself on his arrival. And his choice fell on Zinneke (after Het Zinneke, the pissing dog immortalized in a sculpture in Brussels), because the dog’s character traits seem to match his own: open-minded, positive, with a taste for challenges and a thirst for knowledge, persevering, direct and quirky.

Does your business need digital services? Come and meet Xavier over a ️ and let’s have a look together at what might float your boat!

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