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At the end of 2019, La niche built a new hub within the agency: Strategy, Marketing and Communication. We support businesses, from the strategy to the action plan, to the implementation of campaigns, via conversion tracking.

So, who are the people that make your campaigns successful?

Julien, Head of Strategy is at the helm of this team.

With over 20 years’ experience in the digital sector, he has honed his skills at industry-leading agencies that have made major contributions to our sector in Belgium and Europe as a whole.  As he joins La niche, he shares with us a sharp eye for digital marketing. He is therefore the perfect person to guide this team at every stage of the process, from the strategy to the data analysis, via the content, always putting the client at the centre of attention and giving meaning to each action put in place.

In the strategies that are put in place, the client’s reality and common sense are an integral part of our proposals.


Charlotte, Project Manager, conducts the orchestra that is the Digital Marketing team. A former graphic artist who underwent a career change, if you cut her, she would bleed the organisation. While she wakes up each morning craving the satisfaction of a job well done, her attitude is infectious and she communicates her values to the team each day. A pillar of the team, she is the point of reference for good follow-up, tending to her projects like a wolf tending to her young. 

At La niche, it is a daily pleasure to work with people with very different backgrounds who are motivated and conscientious and who enrich one another.


François, Business Analyst, has been faithful to the role for over 10 years. A former developer with a reserved personality, he’s the kind of geek that every agency needs.  He knows everything there is to know about data, and analysis of every kind is part of his DNA. Every day, he discovers and uses new tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Supermetrics, to steer the results of your communication towards success. Put your trust in him for your data analysis projects!

The finest reward for the things we do emerges at the meeting point between users and our clients.


Adrien, Creative and illustrator, with 20 years’ experience under his belt, he is the agency’s idea machine. Design and concepts are the buzzwords that guide his work on a day-to-day basis. Are you giving us carte blanche to handle your project? Sit back and relax: you can trust him to do a great job. An artist at heart, he combines skills with Julien’s strategy, for a result that lives up to your expectations.

Florence, Social Media Manager, is a real ‘Swiss army knife’ at the agency. A digital ‘native’ with a creative spirit, she is passionate about communication in all its forms and will immediately take your project to heart. Specialising today in creative and editorial content, she will be able to speak to your audience on the right channel, at the right time. Trust in him for your creative recommendations, publication timetables and your website’s SEO!

La niche has a wide range of people, all passionate about digital, a close-knit team on a daily basis, and a constant desire to evolve.


Fiona, Business Strategist, naturally sets the tone for the team through her character and her desire to always get things moving forward in the right direction. Her knowledge of digital marketing, the regulatory landscape and her feel for strategy make her an indispensable element of designing a campaign that succeeds. Put your trust in her for your strategy, your communication campaigns and your Google Ads campaigns!

Kristina, Communication officer, has the ability to be easily approachable thanks to her experience. Every minute of her timetable goes towards unearthing high-quality collaborations that make sense, with competent, prominent interlocutors. Her editorial skills are a daily plus. Her particular strength? Managing crisis communication. Trust in Kristina to manage and steer your communication in the right direction!

La niche’s secret, if you ask me, is its human-sized environment which promotes the initiatives and the desire to progress, and it’s also the alchemy between people with very different backgrounds but who have one thing in common: an obsession with satisfying clients by making digital, creativity and technologies work for them.


Maëva, UX Strategist, who has a wealth of experience, works on the strategy and design of wireframes for your website, landing page or mobile application, for optimum return and ideal usage. She thinks about their structure, with a view to moving the right content towards the right person. A real bundle of energy who sparkles on a daily basis, you can trust Maëva to optimize your user experience!

La niche is first and foremost about people with complementary backgrounds, working together to make projects succeed!


Antoine, Marketing Manager, is the latest new member of the team. Formerly a businessman in the digital sector, he now wishes to move towards operational management and strategic recommendations. His role is to manage ads on social networks and on Google on a daily basis, so as to provide highly detailed tracking and constant optimisation. Put your trust in Antoine for your Ad campaigns on social networks and on Google!

“My vision of modernity: integrating a dynamic team into a world that’s moving quickly.


The Strategy, Marketing and Communication team is made up of 9 passionate, motivated and dedicated individuals, whose skills and personalities complement each other perfectly.  Each client is taken by the hand, so as to be guided towards success in the best possible way. Each project is at the heart of their priorities and they will do everything they can, together, to achieve your objectives!

Would you like to meet them? Come and have a ☕️ with Julien to get things started, and the team will be impatient to work with you. See you soon!

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