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They work in the shadows but are absolutely vital to the agency. They have an entire language of their own, but thanks to that, they can work miracles. You’ll never meet them – or hardly ever.

Who are the people that make your websites and code all your desires? 

Olivier, Head of Web Technology, is at the head of this team. With 20 years’ experience and an unparalleled passion for IT, he is responsible for everything that has to do with the technical and technological aspect of the agency’s projects.

He is the guarantor that solutions adapted to meet customers’ needs will be put in place. Like any self-respecting developer, Olivier loves it when things are clear, concise and precise. He will then put everything in place, on a day-to-day basis, to ensure that your project is rolled out in the best possible way and without any glitches. Based in Spain (habla español?), his career has already led him to a role as Development Manager for Nike, with responsibility for the whole of Europe.

After 15 years in development in several different languages, I slowly but surely made my way towards a managerial position. The challenges are different but what I’m enjoying at the moment is looking after a team and sharing my experience.


Yannick, Back-end Developer, is a real magician when it comes to code; he can make your every wish a reality. With over 10 years’ experience behind a screen (behind two screens, in fact), Yannick handles all the twists and turns of programming language with laser-sharp accuracy, and has expertise in PHP and WordPress. On a daily basis, he ensures that the different functionalities of the site’s pages are well integrated, while guaranteeing a high level of maintainability in the code. Yannick also takes care of deploying the customer’s site in production mode, so as to make it accessible to the general public.

Having a team you can count on – that’s the key to mutual success


Camille, Front-end Developer, may seem a little shy at first, but she opens up as soon as there’s a keyboard at her fingertips! Formerly employed in the world of show-business in a role that was communication-intensive, she discovered within herself a real passion for web technologies and transformed herself, arriving at our company as a Front-end Developer. Meticulously attentive to detail in her day-to-day tasks, she has grown into her role quickly and constantly! She prides herself on making the website accessible, for a better user experience. Put your trust in her, for a website on which every element is in its right place. 

The most exciting thing about being a developer is that you’re never short of new things to learn


Jonas, Front-end Developer, is an upbeat and positive character; for him, UX/UI hold no secrets. Jonas brings designs to life and adds the interactions necessary for the site, so as to make visiting the site an entire digital experience in its own right. He also acts as the guarantor of the website’s performance. Jonas is a real Front-end expert with a passion for his work.

My biggest challenge is to manage to produce a code that is clean, reusable and easily comprehensible to other developers, while thinking about performance, the user experience and accessibility.


Audrey, Front-end Developer, is an expert in her field. Her numerous past experiences have led her to ever more varied projects, like developing a web app or even back-end development. Like Yannick, she handles programming tasks with precision and ease on a daily basis. What makes Audrey stand out is her particular interest in creative code.

Jennifer, Back-end Developer, a shy but very determined character, is passionate and likes to see things through to the end. She is our specialist on Emulsion, the framework designed and developed by La niche. She installs and implements the administration interface, which will then make it possible to integrate the contents into the site. She builds tailor-made modules that meet the specific needs of the customer, and pays attention to giving them a certain ease of use and making the coding logical.

In a world that’s constantly evolving, monitoring the movement is a full-time job.


Guillem, Back-end Developer, is based in Spain, and therefore works alongside Olivier, under the hot sol, with whom he works on a daily basis. A natural born developer who has code running through his veins, Guillem has been doing PHP since he was 14. His logical mind and passion for the world of IT saw him become a Back-end programmer. Formerly a video game and app developer, he quickly turned to back-end programming. His obsession? Making things safe but also fast.

“El trabajo bien hecho es el combustible para un buen desarrollador.”

A job well done is what fuels any good developer.

David, Back-end Developer, is our PrestaShop expert. Calm and smiling by nature, he also likes to apply a flawless logic to his work. David has over 10 years’ experience behind his screen, so e-commerce holds no secrets for him. You can trust him to take the time to analyse your project in a suitable way, before throwing himself into it!

Christophe, Back-end Developer, is a former archaeologist. In 2020, he took the plunge and underwent a career change, switching to digital. Once he had been trained, he arrived at La niche as a Back-end Developer, after a more than promising internship in our team. His strengths? His experience with Linux and back & front end training, which make him a developer with a lot of strings to his bow. Put your faith in him for excellent testing, every which way, of your website…nothing gets past him!

The Dev team consists of 9 motivated individuals guided by the same passion each day, and equipped with perfect mastery of every aspect of website construction. From the more experienced ones to the youngsters, each project finds its equilibrium between all these profiles, and each one evolves significantly as the programming takes place.

Every customer’s voice is heard and listened to, every customer is accompanied towards the posting online of a high-quality, tailor-made project, one that fits with the times and works well in the long term.

Do you need a new website? Looking to build a new website, or give your old one a makeover? Get the ball rolling over a ☕️ with Mathieu, CEO of La niche. After that, our developers will be delighted to put their technical knowledge in the service of your project.

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