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There are always lots of creative types at an agency. The real artists at La niche, though, can be found hiding behind Figma and Photoshop… They’re our designers!

Who are the people bringing form and colour to all your desires?

Arnaud, Head of Design, is the Creative Director of our Design team. The holder of a Master of Arts in Graphic Design, his academic career was purely dedicated to creative work. He has a multi-disciplinary background and has over 15 years’ experience in graphic design, motion design, branding, 3D and web design. His career led to him being appointed Art Director at some big Belgian agencies but also to international projects for the likes of Dior and Stella McCartney. After these experiences, Arnaud returned to his first love, namely branding. At this time, he was to encounter two people who would go on to become mentors to him. Tom Andries, but also Mathias Delmote, would teach him an enormous amount and have a considerable impact on his way of working and thinking thereafter. It was then that La niche offered him a new milestone in his career: that of venturing into management.

A character who is at once very personable but also out of the ordinary, Arnaud loves being completely crazy in his projects, while also being straight down the line. And if that seems like a contradiction in terms, his team will tell you that it’s as if his mind was put in back to front. Arnaud holds the reins of his team every day with a single goal: making it evolve. While he has more experience than them, he nonetheless sees himself as being on an equal footing with the members of his team, and wants to pass on as much of his knowledge about design as he can.

The design team’s strength is the complementarity of its competencies, a close-knit and excited team, which is growing purely by dint of working together.


Yassine, UI Designer, is a young and passionate creative designer. Always seeking new ideas and innovations, he implements creative concepts and visual creations, both for branding and for websites. Yassine can never get enough of them and wants to constantly put into practice the things he discovers on a daily basis. With his personality that’s sunny and smiley but also a little whacky (his ‘dog name’ would be dingo, after all!) he combines competences and a great disposition within the team. You can trust him to come up with some creative and original proposals!

At La niche, I can develop my creativity on a daily basis. Being part of the Design team enables me to explore new horizons and excel myself.


Maia, Graphic Designer, has 7 years’ experience at the agency, in both printed media and web design. Maia is the ray of sunshine in this team. An upbeat character, she is very sociable and always in a good mood. She likes to have an over-arching vision and to understand each project in its entirety. She attaches great significance to teamwork. Maia is flexible and curious, and is constantly training herself to use the various technologies that arrive on the market. Trust in her to make a success of your project, without any stress along the way. 

The thing I love about my job is the diversity of the projects, and the varying degrees of affinity I feel for them. You have to constantly find the solution that will bring them out.


Thomas, UX/UI Designer, has made a name for himself by thinking up minimalist experiences that combine narrative with ergonomics. He tackles every project with the firm desire to balance the clients’ expectations and the users’ needs. What excites Thomas on a daily basis is the UX aspect of the projects and the creation of wireframes. A thoughtful character who may come across as slightly reserved, Thomas really comes out of his shell when he’s feeling at ease in his team and he can get out his dark humour while designing! He likes it when things have a framework, and he does very good corporate branding.

La niche is an opportunity to evolve in a completely autonomous way, to expand your horizons through a variety of projects. And you can do so whether you’re in your pyjamas, in your living room or with the team in the office!


The Design team is a group of 4 creative and passionate people. It’s a perfectly balanced team, because when there are 4 of you, anything’s possible! While they all have their own area of expertise, each designer is also able to create anything at all. The team is very complementary, in terms of both skills and personalities. Yassine is more on the spontaneous side, while Thomas likes to spend more time thinking things through. Each of them makes up for any weaknesses in the others. And the mood in the workplace each day is great, with daily meetings that make them ever more close-knit.

Are you in need of a new graphic identity? Come and have a ☕️ to get things started with Arnaud, Head of Design. After that, our designers will bring all their creative skills to the table so that your project feels the benefit. 

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